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Slavo Hazucha la til et nytt fotoalbum
61 | 15. August 2020, 14:17
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Roland Sachsenhofer
Wow! Not only as an Austrian am I simply enraptured! This is a depth of detail that I have rarely, or should I say never, seen before. Inspiring!
20. January, 06:53
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks Patrick, Calvin, Tom, Guillaume, Lode, Dominik, Hanno & Roland! I'm happy you like it & feel inspired - This was such a pleasant and unproblematic build on almost all levels, It allowed me to focus on things I liked to do & had fun with, mainly the metal+oil experiments. I can really recommend this, including the PE & wheel aftermarket parts.

I was deciding between this and the blue-blue patterns, finally kept the latter for a future F2 build - I was also interested in doing a non-camo pattern with contrast colors - the "Flag effect" being a welcome bonus. @Roland - still would like to do the Austrian Red-wite-red Draken at some point provided I manage to get the kit/decals... :)

It's already done for some time, finished pics here in case you want to have a look:

F-104J - Austrian Flag over Japan - spec | Album by slavatarko (1:48)

Overall this was one of, if not the best start-to-finish build experiences for me since I returned to the hobby...
20. January, 09:20
Ben M
Thank you for your tutorial on the oil dot panel washes you do. I will try this on my next NMF model, I like your work a lot.
20. January, 14:00
Slavo Hazucha
cheers Ben - It´s a really good method for accentuating NMF & Metal panels, especially combined with some previous tonal difference - just make sure (best find a piece of plastic for a test, I usually do this on the inside of wing-halfs from the next project etc...):

1; that your metalizer & Oil are in complete agreement (My MRP Chrome i.e. got irreversibly matted by oils and looked like normal aluminium post-treatment)

2; with 1 clear, allow the oil time to dry... depending on thickness 1 hour+, even more. Don´t mind the initial feeling "sh*t, it´s too dry, nothing is being removed" - with patience, the oil starts going away and I find it much easier to slowly control the process than to have "one go" to blend a still too thin layer of the stuff before it´s all gone. On this, and other models, my best practice was - apply oil on day 1 and do the rough removal the same evening + the day after return to it and do the final tone, my Oils (W&N) dry over 2-3 days...
20. January, 14:25
Ben M
Thank you - so you apply the oil dots, wait an hour or more for them to dry, then start the removal process. Let it dry more, the next day do more removal. I always let oils dry for a week or so after I use them for weathering, they do take quite a while to fully dry.
20. January, 16:40
James C
That's some great advice on using oils Slavo
20. January, 16:46
Daniel Klink
Just can't get enough of this beauty.... Thanks for upping it Guillaume
20. January, 17:35
Greg Baker
I just about spit my coffee all over my computer screen... fanTAStic!
20. January, 18:01
Slavo Hazucha la til et nytt fotoalbum
50 | 20. September 2020, 17:06
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Christian Kohl
Nice execution by a Japanese `` widowmaker ''. The paintwork is great and very realistic. It's nice to see that this great hobby is seriously pursued by many like-minded people! I'm thrilled, Slavo ;)
4. October 2020, 18:35
Maciej Bellos
My name being followed by this sentence "Very happy to get such feedbacks from you who all can more than stand your ground in this hobby" just makes me want to thank you. I'm honored by this!

Yes those F-2s are pretty clean. Even those that got hit by the tsunami got cleaned up and flew. They are starkingly different to most F-16s around the globe, with the greek Block 52+ being the Queens of grime and slime. For example:


They are supposingly sporting this camo...:

6. October 2020, 05:56
14. October 2020, 01:24
Konrad Limmer
Really nice Slavo!!
Congrats to this beautiful rollout !
20. January, 09:26
Dominik Weitzer
a w e s o m e !!!
20. January, 09:32
Wow Slavo.. just awsome m8
20. January, 09:54
Jos Jansen
Did I mention this is one of your better builds ?! Amazing're a true modeling master mate .
20. January, 12:23
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks Christian, Maciej, Patrick, Konrad, Dominik, Augie & Jos!

@Christian - sorry to be so late - very happy to be called "likely minded" by the maker of such formidable big-scale machines and some very cool loking shaded finishes ;)

@Maciej - a Block 52+ F-16 is very tempting indeed - I have a soft spot for 4th-gen modernizations which change the original´s shape and create "ugly ducklings" like this or the MiG-29 SMP...

@Jos - bud, I´m just a careful follower & interpreter of what I see the "big one´s" do ;) But this model was so far my happiest start-to-finish run, always bringing a smile to my face...
20. January, 14:43
Slavo Hazucha and Roland Sachsenhofer are now mates.
20. January, 07:26

January 17, 2021

Slavo Hazucha la til et nytt fotoalbum
45 | 23. September 2020, 14:02
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Pierre Vauthier
2. January, 15:21
He is alive! Great to see you back

I personally never understood the thought behind those hospital-colored cockpits but it is looking amazing! no need for the new quinta studio stuff on your workbench really :)

@ 5th Gen: Well I got my replacement window for fat amy, finished my hornet - I would be ready to roll
3. January, 12:33
Ooo am in :)
3. January, 12:41
3 is a GB :D
3. January, 12:50
Slavo Hazucha
The 5th gen GB was originally Michaels idea:

#244 Trumpeter J-20 Black Eagle | Project by Fighting 84 (1:48)

Unfortunately he appears to have job issues right now, I really hope he gets things sorted and we can have that going! I have 2 candidates, none of them an F-35 (still can't ;) ) so not hard to guess... :D

Would be top to have a chance to team up with you on this later this year. I'm also thinking about a "build a MiG-21 in 2021 challenge". But first, I think I will soldier through these two babies. The mojo's back, so is the drive to try some new things!

@ Daniel I was actually looking at the Quinta stuff - if I'd be doing the HB kit open, I'll probably would have gone for it. But the AMK molding of the instruments gives no real excuse to do that & I enjoy the good old "paint your cockpit" kind of story... :) every now and then, at least...
4. January, 00:01
Michael Phillips
OK, after my little two month break, I am ready to get back into this. I am going to set up the GB for 5th generation within the next two days... stay tuned!

Oh, and btw, FANTASTIC work on those cockpits!
5. January, 03:12
Clifford Keesler
Good to see you back mate. Your work is always amazing and awe inspiring. If I ever get half as good as you, I will die a happy man.
5. January, 05:28
jan zumack
Looks very good. ????
17. January, 18:53

January 10, 2021

Slavo Hazucha la til et nytt fotoalbum
12 | 8. January, 13:02
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i am in :)
8. January, 21:36
Maciej Bellos
Joining in! Probably the most beautiful aircaft ever. Size does matter, otherwise we wouldn't have the Tomcat.

Looking forward for the What-if and all the paint fiddling you will do!
8. January, 21:57
Ali Yulianto
9. January, 13:00
9. January, 15:56
Michael Phillips
Oh you know I am in! This is going to be EPIC!!!
9. January, 21:51
Lode Schildermans
I'm in for the ride, Slavo
9. January, 22:15
Kerry COX
Hobby Boss have become one of the 'must have' kit makers. I was converted with the 1/48 Aussie 'pig' F-111. Now you have me looking at an other HB Slavo. Cheers and happy gluing. ;)
10. January, 05:02
Zsolt Czegle
10. January, 08:37

January 8, 2021

Slavo Hazucha startet
8. January, 12:59
Slavo Hazucha la til et nytt prosjekt
1:48 USAF YF-23 (HobbyBoss 81722)
8. January, 12:46

January 7, 2021

Slavo Hazucha will attend
7. January, 23:49

October 14, 2020

Slavo Hazucha eier nå
14. October 2020, 16:50
Slavo Hazucha eier nå
14. October 2020, 16:50
Slavo Hazucha eier nå
14. October 2020, 16:50

October 7, 2020

Slavo Hazucha la til et nytt fotoalbum
View album, image #1
Prosjekt: Arctic Ambush duel
1:48 F/A-18A+/B/CF-188 (Kinetic K48030)1:48 Legacy Bug Bandits (Furball Aero-Design 48-070)1:48 AN/ALQ-167(V) ECM Pod Set (Wolfpack WP48129)8+
65 | 18. April 2020, 16:09
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Slavo Hazucha
Thanks Guy, Donald, Arne, Christian, Roland, Daniel & Stephan!! I am humbled by so much positive feedback, but I guess the Sukhoi bureau really made a show-stopper with the splinter camo applied on the huge but sleek & streamlined Flanker airframe...

This project really was a line-up of highs - I liked the kit, the cockpit, the opportunity to do some metal experiments and the investigation to find the right color shades and balances to replicate the prototype´s colors as they appear on the pictures!
23. August 2020, 17:34
The flanker looks great! Thank you for sharing!
25. August 2020, 00:42
Björn Svedberg
Looking great! I love your choice to display the hornet with retracting gears.
25. August 2020, 05:59
Mateusz Wisniewski
I admire the finish on the exhaust! The 3 gray splinter camo looks so nice.
21. September 2020, 23:49
Clifford Keesler
You sure did hit a home run with this one. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!
21. September 2020, 23:53
6. October 2020, 09:50
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks ZHOU Kun, Björn, Mateusz, Clifford and Giuseppe!

Björn the Kinetic F-18 kit, with a lot of version-based & double parts is a great base for such works - it featured 2 set of main gear legs, making the retracting position easier to set-up with sawing & re-connecting the legs.

Mateusz - I spent a lot of time brooding over photos in different lights & angles to get the dark color right. Make it too grey or too blue and it just kills the appearance - suggestions from instructions were obviously wrong, I mixed various combinations of greys & blues and checked them in various light conditions before arriving at a tone I liked :)
7. October 2020, 09:08
Jasper Breur
That is absolutely fantastic! Photo 20, what a stunning job on that metal work! Congratulations on this perfect result!
7. October 2020, 09:41

October 4, 2020

Slavo Hazucha eier nå
4. October 2020, 18:09
Slavo Hazucha eier nå
4. October 2020, 18:08
Slavo Hazucha eier nå
4. October 2020, 18:08

September 24, 2020

Slavo Hazucha and Phil M are now mates.
24. September 2020, 17:16

September 23, 2020

Slavo Hazucha la til et nytt prosjekt
1:48 Mikoyan MiG-31B/BS Foxhound (AvantGarde Model Kits 88008)1:48 Russian MiG-31 Foxhound (HobbyBoss 81753)1:48 Mikoyan MiG-31B/BS (Begemot 48-044)4+
1 | 23. September 2020, 13:25

September 16, 2020

Slavo Hazucha and Micky are now mates.
16. September 2020, 12:59

August 23, 2020

Slavo Hazucha and Kees Kleijwegt are now mates.
23. August 2020, 19:54

August 15, 2020

Slavo Hazucha la til et nytt prosjekt
1:48 Eikō (Eduard 11130)1:48 Eikó Upgrade Set (Eduard 481002)1:48 F-104 undercarriage wheels late (Eduard 648181)1+
2 | 15. August 2020, 14:13

August 13, 2020

Slavo Hazucha la til et nytt fotoalbum
View album, image #129
Prosjekt: Arctic Ambush duel
1:48 F/A-18A+/B/CF-188 (Kinetic K48030)1:48 Legacy Bug Bandits (Furball Aero-Design 48-070)1:48 AN/ALQ-167(V) ECM Pod Set (Wolfpack WP48129)8+
42 | 2. December 2019, 21:56
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Lode Schildermans
Well, I waited until the 12th ;). Happy birthday, Salvo
12. August 2020, 04:50
Palo M
Happy birthday, Slavo! Enjoy the Eiko, looking forward to that build, too!
12. August 2020, 06:30
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks Lode & Palo!

Lode going by the ship's bell, precise like a Swiss watch! ;)

Palo - table & tools cleanup & off we go!
12. August 2020, 07:04
Bart Goesaert
fantastic one, from start to finish...
12. August 2020, 07:06
Antoine Meylan
Joyeux anniversaire Slavo, et c'est toujours un plaisirs de regarder tes réalisations
12. August 2020, 16:49
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks Bart - if you do want to do yourself a favor, get a recent GWH kit...

Merci Antoine et j'espère que je ne décevrai pas à l'avenir;)
12. August 2020, 19:31
Lode Schildermans
Aha, tu maîtrises même la langue française :)
12. August 2020, 20:19
Gary Dahlström
I feel like a TV show I'm addicted to has aired its' last episode. Bravo! Will be watching for the next riveting series by Slavo. ;)
13. August 2020, 00:13

July 24, 2020

Slavo Hazucha la til et nytt fotoalbum
View album, image #1
Prosjekt: 427 big block
1:6 Chevy L89 Big Block Engine (Revell 85-1441)
2 | 25. February 2019, 10:10
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Slavo Hazucha
Thanks :) the kit was really not built to leave anything open, details only where they can be seen once everything is actually in place...
28. June 2019, 14:59
Tim Heimer
Still looks great! Maybe you could put it in a prop plane! LOL
10. July 2020, 13:58
Slavo Hazucha
Tim it´s already growing a small propeller on the front... I think... :D
10. July 2020, 14:48
Tim Heimer
LOL! Good come back!
10. July 2020, 20:15
it looks amazing
23. July 2020, 00:15
Andy Ball
more metal to work with...delicious!
23. July 2020, 09:50
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks Tim, Spanjaard & Andy - an old build really, I hardly had any tools or colors at that time (old were long gone, new not yet purchased :) ), so its really very OOB with a bit of washing & few touches here & there... Nothing is airbrushed here, most colors left as they came in the box, as is the metal - it´s the original silver and chromed plastic from the box with some basic surface treatment...
24. July 2020, 20:02
a master at work, can do great things, even with simple tools ;)
24. July 2020, 20:12

July 20, 2020

Slavo Hazucha eier nå
20. July 2020, 10:55
Slavo Hazucha eier nå
20. July 2020, 10:09
Slavo Hazucha eier nå
20. July 2020, 10:08

July 13, 2020

Slavo Hazucha la til et nytt prosjekt
18. June 2019, 11:36
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10. July 2020, 20:23
Tim Heimer
This will be a great project!
10. July 2020, 20:26
I can design masks for that scheme. Drop me a line in private if you have interest. Cheers
11. July 2020, 21:08
Maciej Bellos
That's a big kit and it will be awesome from Mr SuperbMetal :)
11. July 2020, 21:16
Slavo Hazucha
Mathieu thanks & already done!

Hanno, Tim & Maciej - this will be an exercise in self-restrain... the movie plane barely displays any wear at all, being clearly looked-after for by a loving crew... :D

Very far from the Russian service- and weather-beaten gear...
13. July 2020, 13:14
Tim Heimer
From the what it's worth dept. Most of the guys with a specialty paint job, and some without, would wipe down their plane with airplane fuel to keep them looking good. That started in WW2.
13. July 2020, 13:23
The R.A.A.F. discovered that polishing the Spitfire could increse air speed by five miles.
It doesn't sound much but every bit counts.
The paint oxidation was very rapid in the tropics.
Clive Caldwell even went as far as having one of his Mk. Y Spitfires stripped to bare metal being the C.O.
It was soon returned to camoflauge with the directive from higher up.
I'm sure Clive wouldn't have minded the extra attention being our top ace
13. July 2020, 15:34
Daniel Klink
Slavo goes to real planes...count me in
13. July 2020, 15:35

June 27, 2020

Slavo Hazucha and Alexander G. are now mates.
27. June 2020, 08:46

June 20, 2020

Slavo Hazucha la til et nytt fotoalbum
1 | 4. July 2019, 20:56
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Alec K
Fantastic work Slavo
14. May 2020, 12:28
Dominik Weitzer
Wow. Just stunning work!
14. May 2020, 13:51
Patrick O
Looks amazing! :) Planning to build one as well at some point, though I'm still not sure which one should I go with - Hobby Boss or Kitty Hawk
14. May 2020, 18:15
a work of art... stunning. what an exquisite minute detail work and paint is out of this world
14. May 2020, 18:18
Bernhard Schrock
Just noticed that I haven't left a comment in the guest book: a masterwork and a piece of art. Looks absolutely like the original!
14. May 2020, 18:31
Rain Moses
It is fantastic!
16. May 2020, 12:34
Ricardo Reis
Great model building! Loved the WIP album too! I only think the model deserves better pictures (white clean background, not the black wrinkly one you have)! Fantastic, thank you for sharing and inspiration!
19. June 2020, 07:03
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks Alec, Dominik, Patrick, Spanjaard, Bernhard, Rain & Ricardo! Sorry I forgot to check this older thread for some time...

Ricardo you are right, I need to up-rate my photo setup - maybe with the next one... or the one after that... :)
20. June 2020, 19:59

May 8, 2020

Slavo Hazucha will attend
Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020 in
Scalemates F-14 Tomcat Group build 2020
US 1. Mai til 31. Desember 2020
8. May 2020, 16:07

April 17, 2020

Slavo Hazucha la til et nytt prosjekt
1:48 F/A-18A+/B/CF-188 (Kinetic K48030)1:48 Legacy Bug Bandits (Furball Aero-Design 48-070)1:48 AN/ALQ-167(V) ECM Pod Set (Wolfpack WP48129)8+
1 | 12. August 2019, 14:00
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Michael Phillips
This is going to be an awesome follow, count me in for sure!
14. August 2019, 03:34
Slavo Hazucha
So... October approaching at supercruise speed... I ordered my Aggressor model & decals at least a month ago via a physical store (a reasonably good one...), because I think physical stores deserve support these days... Suspicous since I got no notification, today I dropped by like "Greetings sir, where´s my model?"

Turns out they had some software issues & the order is only just about to go out! :o

I was hamstering RedBull cans for some epic night shifts on my Vark to be ready for the GB +/- on time, yet now this happens...

Anyway, I´ll think about something, not giving up! Not at all in fact... ;)
26. September 2019, 11:58
Maciej Bellos
Tough luck Slavo... Hope for the best. Also I agree about the physical stores, problem is I don't have one in the city I live...
26. September 2019, 13:17
Holger Kranich
I am addicted to online stores. I live on a phucking island. It is always the joy to walk into a Hobby Shop and just go around. :D
26. September 2019, 17:28
Stephan Ryll
Hope everything will be there for the start Slavo :) on the other hand I'm a slow builder and I don't have a problem to see other builds rush by ;)
26. September 2019, 17:53
Martin von Schreckenstein
Yes please! watching
26. September 2019, 17:56
Patrick Hagelstein
I totally agree to help the struggling physical shops a helping hand as much as possible but yeah, sometimes the online stores are just that tad efficiently. Hope it all turns out well and hopefully you can be off to a good start together with the rest.
30. September 2019, 14:37
I am impressed with the modification on the F/A-18 landing gear. The main gear legs are not fully extended when retracted and you made it so realistic, thumbs up!
17. April 2020, 13:41

April 12, 2020

Slavo Hazucha vil ha
16. March 2020, 11:34
Slavo Hazucha
Something to stay calm & count days for... ;)
16. March 2020, 11:36
Lode Schildermans
Now this is a bird I'd like to build by you. I liked the Aardvark a lot, and even saw it from very close 30 years ago, but it doesn't match the Blackbird (from a shape point of view, not what you'll make of it. Your talent makes even an ugly duck a swan)
16. March 2020, 22:58
Greg Solomon
And I just bought two 1/48 kits at an estate auction too...
20. March 2020, 23:46
Slavo Hazucha
Would have done the same given the chance... What were the odds for a 48-scale Blackbird coming...

Lode thanks mate, I am already imagining some new techniques & experiments to try out on this, heat-matted black color, fuel streaks... ;)
21. March 2020, 11:15
Lode Schildermans
Slavo, just what the blackbird needs :)
21. March 2020, 16:45
Günther Decock
Dag Slavo, een van de mooiste vliegtuigen in de geschiedenis. Ik ga zeker met veel plezier uitkijken naar uw vorderingen.
10. April 2020, 12:31
Slavo Hazucha
Hallo Günther - ik ben het er helemaal mee eens - ik hoop alleen dat het vroeg in 2021 uitkomt en op mijn bescheiden bankje past ... :)
11. April 2020, 17:02
Peter Hardy
Thought I'd pick up Brian Shul's Sled Driver book 'cause I have a passing interest. I didn't and now regret not buying 50!
12. April 2020, 09:58
12. April 2020, 10:12
Slavo Hazucha
@ Peter - The things we don't buy... You can still have a used one for 470$ or a new one fore 700... :D

As for the video - If only I could have such conversations with the Austrian highway police... ;)
12. April 2020, 13:23

March 19, 2020

Slavo Hazucha la til et nytt fotoalbum
14. March 2020, 13:05
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Scott Dutton
Maciej, It was because of ITAR, I'm lucky though, living in Pt Cook the home of the RAAF museum, I just go there to see one
18. March 2020, 21:08
Maciej Bellos
Sorry Scott for asking, but what does ITAR stand for?
18. March 2020, 21:20
Zsolt Czegle
Awsome build! Congratulations!
18. March 2020, 21:25
Nathan Dempsey
International Trade in ARms
18. March 2020, 21:44
Maciej Bellos
Thanks Nathan!
18. March 2020, 22:17
Scott Dutton
Apologies, to used to using TLA's (Three Letter Acronyms, yes I know ITAR is four). Its the agreement countries sign when buying military equipment agreeing not to onsell etc without approval of original manufacturer (USA in this case). Its so we don't get parts or complete systems ending up where they are not wanted.
19. March 2020, 01:47
Maciej Bellos
Thanks Scott!
19. March 2020, 15:00
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks Maciej, Bughunter, Elco, Scott, Bryn, Zsolt & Nathan! - for all the nice comments & praise - most appreciated, I am really happy you find that the build captured some of the "feel" of the Aussie Pig as it approached the end...

& thanks for the intel as well - I thought the radical treatment was necessary because the G-version is basically the FB-111A, which was AFAIK not a FB/Strike aircraft, but a SAC strategic nuclear bomber, hence special requirements for irreversible de-militarization... Something like the dismembering of the Tu-160´s in the Ukraine in the early 2000´s:

Always happy to learn stuff!
19. March 2020, 17:27

March 16, 2020

Slavo Hazucha vil ha
16. March 2020, 11:34

March 14, 2020

Slavo Hazucha la til et nytt fotoalbum
View album, image #87
Prosjekt: Australian F-111G
1:48 FB-111 Aardvark (HobbyBoss 80351)1:48 General Dynamics F-111 - PE Engine parts (Eduard 48668)1:48 F-111 late seatbelts (Eduard 49500)3+
10. July 2019, 15:38
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Greg Baker
Okay... Lode is too smart for me.
13. March 2020, 14:07
so we need the increase the amount of garlic then :P . well, I do not need that since I am now sentenced to stay home, after being declared guilty of new crime, coughing in public :P
13. March 2020, 14:59
Bart Goesaert
was the queu that long for such drastic measures?
13. March 2020, 15:29
borders not closed... yet
or not, Trup has banned flights from EU I believe :P
13. March 2020, 16:21
Martin Oostrom
Trump has banned everyone with an eu passport as well. Not just on flights from Europe
13. March 2020, 16:43
Matthew Stec
I think I will self quarantine and build more models.
13. March 2020, 16:48
Black Baron
I love that paint job and obsession with details and accuracy. I hope to find that magic combination of materials & techniques to consistently achieve the result I want. Just like you have. Really inspiring.
14. March 2020, 10:56
Slavo Hazucha
Thanks mates for staying tuned in for all these months...!!! You´re the best

In short - it´s done:

F-111G 1/48 Hobby Boss finished | Album by slavatarko (1:48)
14. March 2020, 13:21

March 10, 2020

Slavo Hazucha and Lode Schildermans are now mates.
10. March 2020, 06:03

March 8, 2020

Slavo Hazucha added Vallejo Model Color to hans list of favorite colors
4. March 2020, 11:16
Palo M
Really? :)
8. March 2020, 20:09
Slavo Hazucha
I have 4 vials so far & keep them very far from the airbrush, no worries ;)
8. March 2020, 21:41
Palo M
You could try them when you need an excuse to get a different airbrush
8. March 2020, 21:53
Slavo Hazucha vil ha
18. February 2019, 16:31
Palo M
Widow Maker? Ale pekna velkost.
18. February 2019, 22:42
Palo M
Eduard has beautiful japanese versions now.
8. March 2020, 20:13
Slavo Hazucha eier nå
9. April 2019, 19:37
Palo M
Is it good? So far, I'm resisting books about the models I'm building, magazines have been enough. Wonder how this one went for you.
19. April 2019, 19:56
Slavo Hazucha
First, its about 720 pages :) Concerning regular service aircraft for reference a competent internet search does the job too... I too google pics of what I am currently work on and put a tablet next to my mat... On backstory, prototypes, action and rare stuff it really shines... And hey, it's a book, brings the old times back... :)
20. April 2019, 08:08
Palo M
Bought it on sale some time ago. Probably too detailed, bit fun. It's huge! The photos are nice, some good inspiration material.
8. March 2020, 20:12

March 4, 2020

Slavo Hazucha added Alclad II to hans list of favorite colors
4. March 2020, 11:16
Slavo Hazucha added Revell Aqua Color to hans list of favorite colors
4. March 2020, 11:16


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