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Thread started by Treehugger

From what I read on their official site on internet, they seem to include a magnetic system for adding weaponry on the model, which seems nice and something of a novely I would think. Also said to be a new molds kit.
F-16A MLU NATO Viper
Kinetic 1:48
K48100 2022* New tool
3 June, 13:27
Murad ÖZER
they could even give a led backlit cockpit or other gimmicks and wouldn't matter one bit if they couldn't get the fit and engineering right. i mean their previous f-16s were terrible. anyway, remains to be seen.

too bad tamiya did not continue with other f-16 variants and we are left to companies like these.
6 June, 05:49
Burak Tokgozoglu
It is going to be a new tool which they call Gold series. They are aiming to match today's standards which they failed to achieve with the previous one. Hope they succeed.
14 June, 15:00
I've been keeping an eye on this for the last few weeks, but so far no sale listing. 🙂
18 June, 16:18
Johan Perremans
I am glad I haven't used my Dark Falcon decal sheet yet. I hope this new tool turns out much better than the failed attempt...
3 July, 11:35
Btw, an online store, I saw, had this item at set to be in stock in month of October. Though, this item can be pre-ordered as well.
3 July, 16:24

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