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AH-64D Apache Longbow

Attack Helicopter

Takom | No. 2601 | 1:35

Boxart AH-64D Apache Longbow 2601 Takom


AH-64D Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter
2601 (Also listed as SP-2601)
Full kit
2022 New tool
4897051422501 (EAN)
Boeing AH-64 Apache » Helicopters (Aircraft)


Boeing AH-64 Apache

Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow
US US Army Aviation Branch (1983-now)
Contents AH-64D Apache Longbow 2601 Takom

Box contents

460x285x90 mm (18.1x11.2x3.5 inch)

1060 g (2.34 lbs)

Boxart designed by Ju Hesong

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TAK-2601 | TAK2601 | TAK 2601 | TAKOM2601 | 4897051422501 | TKO-2601

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(Wingmasters 153)
Wingmasters | 153
French (TOC: 10 lines)
May-June 2023


AH-64D Apache Longbow
5 images
View album, image #1
1:35 AH-64D Apache Longbow (Takom 2601)1:35 Apache AH-64D (Red Fox Studio RFSQS-35024)
Viper 02 - AH-64D Apache, 1-3 ATKHB B Company "Warlords", Iraq 2003 ,OIF
42 images
View album, image #27
1:35 AH-64D Apache Longbow (Takom 2601)1:35 Modern U.S. soldiers Logistics Supply Team (Trumpeter 00429)


AH-64A Apache 1:35
AH-64A Apache
Takom 1:35
by Jorge Oppenheimer on Large Scale Planes


Top Agent PGG jr.
Given the badly written instructions in some places (e.g. one of the clear parts can not be installed in step 1 otherwise you will have a problem in step 5) and some of the pieces have a terrible fit with canopy fit being less than desirable (seems to be shorter than it should be), I will be holding back purchase of this kit until I try the Meng model version (I can wait for that one as I still have other model kits to complete).
17 February, 05:42
Stephen G
Ah man... I don't mind the instructions being bad. More than used to it. But disappointed to hear the fit isn't good. Have you seen this on a video or review somewhere I can take a look myself?

I was under the impression that Meng's was the same kit essentially? Using the same designs? The CADs are all but identical.
18 February, 14:39
Top Agent PGG jr.
I am building the AH-64E version (kit no 2602) also from Takom which I suppose the instructions are more of less identical with the obvious difference being the steps required to build the engine exhaust. The clear part I am referring to is Q20 which if one does not look further into the instructions will find that that part is required to attach it to part Q29 and in turn the cable needs to run through the locating holes on part Q20.

For the canopy, the fit on part Q7 to Q29 to is not a problem but if one tries to fit parts Q21 and Q8 to part Q29 to simulate a closed canopy will find that both parts do not exactly fit and that part Q8 is slightly shorter as it leaves a bit of gap at the bottom.

The locating pin to fit part D14 is too big and part F1 seems a little too long if one wants the M230 chain cannon to be level.
18 February, 16:26
Stephen G
Well I just received my Takom kit. I won't be building it for a while so can't comment on fit, but the kit looks beautiful.

However, the instructions... I really wouldn't want to be a newcomer to the hobby and trying this. Never mind the colour call outs everyone is focusing on - the layout is absolutely atrocious and over-complicated. I can barely make head nor tail of what is going on. The section of building the rotor head and attaching the blades? Mind-boggling. No idea which part is talking about the folding, or which about the non-folding. Same issue with canopy and avionics open/closed options - why not put a big '?' with the word 'OPTIONAL'? The diagrams also aren't great - there's so little visual depth to them, it's hard to tell what you're looking at sometimes. I wish more manufacturers would follow Airfix in doing 3D colourised images.

That's my only warning to any newcomers or people with bad eyesight, frankly.
1 March, 14:15
Top Agent PGG jr.
To be fair, the MQ-8B Fire Scout from Takom is more understandable even if two of the very tiny PE parts do mandate the use of a magnifying glass to put them if you want to save your eyesight.
1 April, 14:28
Does it come with the terrorist and his lover or are those purchased separately?
2 14 November 2022, 05:35
Jason Marson
I don’t think I could handle this! 😂
30 September 2022, 22:25
Stephen G
Oh finally!! There's such a gap in the market for this. I kind of expected one of the companies to do something when the DCS sim Apache was released - lots of modellers on there too.
1 18 September 2022, 19:32
Matt Hill
Feel like I've been asking for this my whole life and now it's finally here!

Build group forming on FB
4 18 September 2022, 15:27
Icarus Models
*heavy breathing*
2 17 September 2022, 00:24
Top Agent PGG jr.
An AH-64D in 1/35 scale? This is going to be more interesting than interesting.
3 17 September 2022, 00:20

Boeing AH-64 Apache

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Crazyhorse Flying Apache Attack Helicopters with the 1st Cavalry Divisi...
Daniel M. McClinton
AH-64 Apache (Motorbuch Verlag )
AH-64 Apache
Christian Rastätter

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