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M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV)

M1150 with Mine Plow

Rye Field Model | No. RM-5011 | 1:35

Boxart M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) RM-5011 Rye Field Model


Brand:Rye Field Model
Title:M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) M1150 with Mine Plow
Type:Full kit
Released:2016 | Rebox (Updated/New parts)
Barcode:4897062620125 (EAN)
Topic:M1 Abrams » Tanks (Vehicles)

Box contents

Includes: Plastic sprue (Sand), Plastic sprue (Dark gray), Plastic sprue (Sand), Plastic sprue (Clear), Photoetched fret (Brass), Decalsheet (waterslide) (Multi-colored), Cable (copper)

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US Military Generic

Product timeline

Rye Field Model
1:35 M1A2 SEP Abrams TUSK I / TUSK II / M1A1 TUSK (Rye Field Model RM-5004)
New tool
1:35 M1A1 Abrams (Rye Field Model RM-5006)
New parts
1:35 M1A1/M1A2 (Rye Field Model RM-5007)
New parts
1:35 M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) (Rye Field Model RM-5011)
New parts
1:35 M1A2 SEP Abrams TUSK I /TUSK II with full interior (Rye Field Model RM-5026)
New parts
1:35 M1A2 SEP V2 (Rye Field Model RM-5029)
New parts

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Instruction sheets

Download | 15651Kb (.pdf)


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1:35 M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) (Rye Field Model RM-5011)1:35 Spring Antenna Mast Base for Modern US military vehicles [set A] (Orange Hobby G35-009-48)1:35 M1 Abrams Metal Tracks (Spade Ace Models SAT-35132)
1:35 M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) (Rye Field Model RM-5011)
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1:35 M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) (Rye Field Model RM-5011)


Glenn .
Some fun Videos of this beast in action! Great vehicle for tree removal. :)
Youtube Video
Youtube Video
Youtube Video

1. June 2018, 15:26 Share
Bart Goesaert I'm so in... Do have the resin conversion
2. June 2018, 05:08
Bart Goesaert I'm so in... Do have the resin conversion
2. June 2018, 05:08
Glenn . Bart it might be cheaper to buy the Rye Field Model than a resin conversion!
2. June 2018, 08:27
Bart Goesaert Yeah, but there's a law in modelling that says something like: you save and buy a pretty expensive resin conversion of kit, and within no time there's a less expensive plastic version...
2. June 2018, 09:36
Glenn . Murphy's plastic law! Or you just finish a really tricky vac-form build then a injection molded kit is released! :o
3. June 2018, 03:14
Bart Goesaert Yeah, unfortunately another victim. But it's a very nice cast, that softens it a bit
3. June 2018, 08:09
Christian Maheu started this item
1. June 2018, 11:48 Share
Christian Maheu I've started working on this beast! This was a gift from my modeling group (Thank you again guys, you're the best!) and I promised them it would be finished for the local completion, CapCon 2019! :)
1. June 2018, 12:09
In the absence of detailed reviews so far: Just got my copy of the kit. Absolutely amazing, even beats the Meng DR9 for coolness. The pictures I have seen so far did not even show that on top of all the all the Pearson equipment, both M58 MICLIC boxes can be shown open, with full detail (rockets, line charges, etc.). Heck, this is going to be serious fun...
5. April 2017, 22:19 Share
Brian Eberle I ordered mine yesterday. Like a kid at Christmas, I can't wait to receive this one. I have the DEF Model conversion kit that I have not begun, so I can build both and compare. I look forward to following your build.
6. April 2017, 11:31
Gluefinger @Brian Eberle: I had high hopes regarding this kit, and they were exceeded by what came in that deceptively small box, so you're probably in for one hell of a Christmas (I know, I know, but I'm atheist). Don't hold you breath, though - it will probably be quite a while before I start with my build. Contrary to ABVs, I am in no hurry to be the first one to enter the minefield... ;)
6. April 2017, 17:36
Brian Eberle LoL......... Since I am a Combat Engineer (retired) I am used to going into the minefield first. I am in the middle of moving to another city. Once my move is complete, I will start this kit. Perhaps I will create that trail through the "minefield" for others to follow with this kit.
6. April 2017, 17:43
Gluefinger Makes me wonder why armies procure expensive ABVs when Combat Engineers can just walk into minefields and still live long enough to retire? ;)
6. April 2017, 17:55
Brian Eberle leading with my eyes shut, hands over my ears and stepping lightly thru the minefield.
6. April 2017, 19:03
SapperAEV Booby traps and AP mines can ruin a Sapper's day, but in a pure AT (anti-tank) minefield the EOD tech's ground bearing pressure should not be sufficient to detonate an AT mine.

As a young Sapper I thought that walking around in a mine field may be unwise, but my training assured me otherwise. There were still days when I wished I had a job in a library instead.

The M-1 ABV seems to be the culmination of generations of engineering vehicle development dating back to Sherman and Churchill tank engineering conversions. I hope the dozer blade conversion is available soon.

I wonder if a remote control kit is in the works for the ABV? The RC capable M-1 Panther II was the best toy in NATO. I once saw a young lieutenant try to make hand signals to a nonexistent driver on a RC Panther II. The infantry were always entertaining.

The ABV is a force multiplier by increasing Sapper productivity, but it is noisy and tends to alert defenders. For sneaky preparations and probing of defenses, the tried and true "Liberace" method of crawling on your belly feeling the ground ahead of you, as if you were playing the piano will still have its place. As ever, match the tool to the job at hand.
11. May 2017, 17:39
Gluefinger Now, in January 2018, I can safely say that this was my kit of the year for 2017! Now, if we could get them to do a Grizzly, they'd be up for another winner ;)
3. January 2018, 15:17
Frank Krause Added a new review for:
6. May 2017, 08:13 Share
Markus Kutsch The Plastic Bench Interesting vehicle...lots of potential.Like it.
6. May 2017, 08:54
SapperAEV The best review I have heard of this kit came from an old friend who works with the ABV, and he intends to build the kit straight out of the box. His only observations were that the line charge is perhaps stowed a bit too neatly, as it tends to be moved around a bit once the vehicle moves cross country. His other observation involves the fitting of an AN/PAS-13 Heavy Weapon Sight to the .50-cal.

As this vehicle can be remotely controlled, in following with the current casualty adverse operational philosophy that "you don't send a boy where you can send a bomb or a bullet" use of the driverless remote control system (RCS) could make for an interesting diorama.

In my own experience in Bosnia, RCS operations of the M-1 Panther II was often "interesting". At least it confused the infantry. I once heard a grunt officer ask, "What freq is that track on", only to be told by the person standing in front of him, "nobody on board, I'm the driver".

Meng's U.S Explosive Ordanance Specialist & Robots includes a RCS controller, as do the Legend and Black Dog EOD robot controllers.

The dozer blade is available from Perfect Scale Modellbau, so both major uses of the bow mounted high lift adapter common interface are easily modeled.

I have two of these in work to join both my M-1 Panther II's, and my M-1 Abrams Mine Roller (MCR), and mine plow (MCB) variants.

In the river valleys of Iraq and Afghanistan, tanks still "don't go where the bulrushes grow", so I hope that an M-1 AVLB can be expected soon. I model for relaxation, not frustration, so I'm somewhat adverse to scratchbuilding a bridgelayer.

Many of my mineclearing vehicles had "follow the sapper" written on the back end with black grease pencil, or red and blue wax pencil. So this piece of artistic license may make it into my build. ESSAYONS
3. June 2017, 15:49
Dan M Added a new review for:
12. May 2017, 11:08 Share
Brian Eberle next up
15. May 2017, 19:00

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