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Model Shop Price Comparison

In an attempt to organise my supplies and save some dosh, I have made a table comparing prices of various paints, thinners and primers.

RED = most expensive
GREEN = cheapest


7 | 30. May, 10:54
I can post a link to the pdf or Word file if anyone wants a copy to update for themselves.
The web icon will take you to their website, and I have converted prices and delivery charges from Euros to GBP where applicable.
30. May, 10:55
I'd be interested in a PDF link please.
30. May, 11:06
Lemme know if it works for you
30. May, 11:17
Brilliant - downloaded, so I can now zoom in etc. 👍 I see all my go-to UK stores and quite a few new to me. It's going to be interesting to study this. Many thanks Disaster|Magnet!

BTW, it'll be the exclamation mark in your link that causes this forum's software to interprete the end of the address. Doubt there's anything you can do about it.
30. May, 12:52
You're welcome - I found it so annoying having to flit between pages and screens, something I can only imagine is even more frustrating for those with only one monitor.

And thanks for that tip - I've often wondered why OneDrive links failed when Google Drive ones worked fine.

if you want any Pactra Racing Finish I advise you hurry - it's been discontinued by Rustoleum so stores are now running down their stocks.
30. May, 13:05
You could add www.air-craft.net and https://fieldsofglorymodels.co.uk as both do Tamiya acrylics for £1.58 a jar! FOG stock AK and Abteilung 502, Air-craft stock Mr Hobby/Mr Color for £2.00. I've ordered from both without any problems. I stopped using emodels as they shipped some paints inside a kit box with nothing to protect the sprues :-/
31. May, 04:22
Well, this certainly grew faster than anticipated.....

Gimme a few days and I'll post something a little more comprehensive, and easier to maintain :-|

I can fit another 2-3 stores, if anyone has any suggestions
31. May, 15:44
The reward for a job well done is another job 😛
1. June, 12:32
1. June, 13:19
It's still a work-in-progress, but it's getting there.
2. June, 08:40
Done and Dusted - for the time being, anyway.
2. June, 22:45
"No preview available. File is in owner's bin."
5. June, 16:20
My bad - I changed the name from WIP and didn't create a new link. Try this one:
6. June, 01:36
Just to make life even more difficult for you ?? About 100 of the Vallejo Model Color, 25 Model Air, 45 Game Color and 15 Game Air paints are available on Amazon Prime for £2.45 each delivered. There are also some Game Effects and Game Ink for the same £2.45 but I didn't count those. A few of these have minimum orders e.g. Iraqi Sand, 2 bottles and so on but most can be bought singly.
12. June, 23:56
I did think about adding Amazon and eBay, but there can be a lack of clarity over delivery charges, combined postage, etc. In the end, I decided to concentrate on dedicated/local shops, as that is where I get my own supplies.
I have had the odd glitch with a broken item, or a faulty paint, but every time I have received excellent customer service - which is just as important.
17. June, 09:16
We gotta support dedicated model stores. Now more than ever. Any hobby would suffer greatly from only being able to source stuff from Amazon. I do use Amazon for modelling stuff, but only for small stuff I can't find in a model store on these shores.
17. June, 17:57
Rui Da Silva
Ya I was doing Amazon for a few tools and such but the consumables like paint, primer, thinners, and such, are way cheaper at my LHS. I have three stores in my city and they are all cheaper than Amazon and between the three of them I can usually find what I need. In fact I bought a couple of things online and the pigments were rock hard and the three pack primer I bought on Amazon must have been exposed to the elements because two of the three primer shades are funky and funky now. Never again… now I buy all consumables at my LHS.
17. June, 18:51



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