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Michael M
Mick Markiewicz (Michael M)


1/350 Hobby Boss


Daniel Klink
Damn cool thing wow
17 April 2020, 21:35
Zbynek Honzik
Beautiful, Mick!
17 April 2020, 22:12
Mick Markiewicz
Thanks 🙂
19 April 2020, 10:41
Slavo Hazucha
Museum quality & a rare topic 👍. Details to admire everywhere, but I really like your weathering & particularly the soft tone difference making the hull paneling - great job!
19 April 2020, 11:42
Mick Markiewicz
Hull plating was the job that took a looooooot of time, I didn't realize how much work will be involved until there was no backing out😉
19 April 2020, 16:14
Impressive build! And I like the little shanty choir on deck.
19 April 2020, 18:37
Johne 69
Superb 👍
2 May 2020, 07:29
Saw the WIP on Britmodeller. Outstanding work and impresive result. Congratulations.
2 May 2020, 07:37
Norbert Steffens
Mick, what a great model. Will be a great help for my Danton also. Especially the rigging looks fantastic. what kind of railing you use?
4 June 2020, 05:38
Mick Markiewicz
By railing you mean what the rigging is made of? Railings themselves are mostly HB, but there are extra ones. I was testing a set, that will be available soon from Shelf Oddity. Rigging is made of stretched sprue in 95%, remainder is stainless steel wire 0.06mm.
4 June 2020, 18:16
Chuck S
This is a superb build! It's really inspiring!
14 September 2020, 12:40
Mick Markiewicz
Thanks a lot 🙂
14 September 2020, 19:17


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1:350 French Navy Pre-Dreadnought Battleship Danton (HobbyBoss 86503)1:350 Danton Class Armament Barrels (Master SM-350-097)1:350 Danton (Shelf Oddity SO23506)

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