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John Hughes (Gojira)

Italeri M6 Gun motor Carriage WC-55


18 27 December 2023, 19:23
Jennifer Franklin
Decal challenges aside, it looks great.
23 January, 13:44
Curtis Caden
Lots of interesting tidbits about the "circle". "The circled star having the purpose of avoiding mistakes by Allied airplanes (not by Messerschmitt and Focke Wolf airplanes!) the circle around the small stars on jeeps was more for uniformity than for said purpose, and therefore at times omitted. That is why bigger stars on the sides of bigger vehicles had the circle, be it broken or solid."
I had heard another story where the circles were removed in France by some troops to prevent aerial targeting by the Germans. For me modeling has to be fun more than accurate, for me it is a representation, nothing more. I feel your pain when decals don't go right and sometimes, I have just tried to make the best of the situation, although a part of me wants it like the instructions.
23 January, 15:08
Robert Podkoński
Good job, John. Keep it up!
23 January, 15:17
John Hughes
Thanks, all. It takes a bit of work due to the age of the kit. I've got the whole set of these old Airfix/Italeri/whoever kits. Most are the Airfix versions, so the moulds would have been fairly new when they were made. The decals might be another matter, however.
23 January, 20:02

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1:35 M6 Gun Motor Carriage WC-55 (Italeri 6555)1:35 Towing cables for KTO Rosomak (Eureka XXL ER-3553)

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