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Stephen G (LooseSeal)

The Tracks Come Off The Invasion


41 1 January 2023, 13:12
Rui S
Well done Dio 👍 SLAVA UKRAINE 🇺🇦💪
2 January 2023, 22:45
Robert Podkoński
Good job!
3 January 2023, 07:59
Very nice! Slava Ukraini!
17 July 2023, 03:05
Mathias Decommere
This project is extreme, in theme as in execution: the armoured vehicles are beautifully painted and positioned, your figure work is convincing and I like the balance in your scene. The killed Russian gives the dio a raw elan. I like that you went all the way in this. Congratulations! I must admit that it is easier to see 'just the beautiful side' of a diorama of a past conflict. This one comes with emotions as well. Well done!
17 July 2023, 06:19
Antony Merigot
How are people still thinking that Ukraine will prevail? What level of brainwashing does it take to believe is such an outcome?
17 July 2023, 06:36
Marc Le Bayon
It would be completely different, if it was a M1A2 Abrams destroyed by Rebels in Yemen, with bodies of US contractors...
Or Merkava with palestinians on it.
Politic, past or actual, wouldnt have to interfer in Modelism.
17 July 2023, 08:43
Stephen G
Hi Antony. Is there a reason you have to bring your politics into my project? Why can't you just keep it yourself? Save it for Twitter.
17 July 2023, 09:40
Antony Merigot
Funny how people that say "Slava Ukraine" don't get treated the same way. Regardless. it's a terrific diorama. 🤩
17 July 2023, 12:33
alessandro magrelli
As I said in the past I recognize the quality of the dio itself. As for the "raw elan" suggested by Mr Decommere, I find it simply unnecessary. As would be unnecessary to see a dio of an afghan village in Helmand with a bunch of talibans celebrating over a number of slaughtered british soldiers... Let's not open these "emotional" doors.
17 July 2023, 14:17
Oleg Smilyk
Great work with the positioning of people and military equipment, it looks exciting,Stephen G ! Special applause for the banner, which clearly says where the Russians should go!)SLAVA UKRAINE!!!
17 July 2023, 16:16
Mathias Decommere
Alessandro, I disagree. The "raw elan" is in my opinion created by the explicit casualty and wasn't meant to open the political box. I Ment it more like a controversial explicit movie I find daring and confronting to watch. And yes, the more actual and closer the conflict, the more you can relate to. I think that's human. But I also expressed that I like this in diorama's. And also... I think there must be room for emotions in diorama's, it's afterall storytelling. I like this more then a panzer well presented. The more drama and tension, the more interesting I find them. So Stephen G... Keep up the beautiful work you create.
17 July 2023, 18:55
Rui S
@ Oleg Smilyk, Героям Слава!
17 July 2023, 19:21
Guy Rump
Impressive modelling and a well thought out and presented dio, congrats Stephen!
17 July 2023, 19:28
Jean-Louis Durand
You did a great painting job, the scene is perfectly set and the two vehicles are nicely bult and weathered.
In my opinion, the russian soldier's body doesn't bring anything to this diorama. You could have done this in a much more subtile way. We all know that no war is clean and that both sides suffer huge casualties...
17 July 2023, 20:31
Jean-Louis Durand
@Antony Merigot.
Don't you think you could have been brainwashed without even being aware of it ?
Propaganda works both sides...
17 July 2023, 20:38
Stephen G
Thank you for the compliments everyone! I understand both sides of the opinion regarding the theme of mortality.
18 July 2023, 09:23
Jean-Louis Durand
@Admin : I think it should be a good thing to block comments on this thread as political comments are not necessary. We just want to build models and not waste time with pro-russian or pro-ukrainian propaganda.
27 July 2023, 14:21
Christoph Kunz
@ Jean-Louis Durand : amen
27 July 2023, 14:25
I just feel that we are extremely fortunate to have the luxury of modeling and even to disagree about it, unlike the people on both sides who are being killed and maimed for real. Rarely do you find those responsible for starting a conflict in the path of flying metal.
27 July 2023, 20:39

Album info

Russian T-72B3 detracked by roadside IED, while Ukrainian defenders arrive to celebrate the capture. The Ukrainian figures were great to work with (not a natural figure painter here).

The BTR-82A probably isn't accurate for the early stage of the war, but it was the only BTR kit I could find at the time.

There are a few things that could have gone better, but otherwise it's my first attempt at a large scene, and I'm mostly happy with it. Learnt a lot of lessons along the way!

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1:35 BTR-80A APC (Trumpeter 01595)1:35 T-72B3 (Meng Model TS-028)1:35 "Polite People" (Zvezda 3665)2+

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