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Don Rudi
Carsten Gurk (Don Rudi)

Revell Kanonenjagdpanzer


29 18 September 2021, 18:10
Simon Nagorsnik
the foliage looks great 👍
19 September 2021, 20:18
Carsten Gurk
Thanks 🙂 It is an army mosquito net soaked with diluted white glue. The foliage are Oregano and Majoram herbs.
19 September 2021, 20:19
Rui S
That's the way I like to do things also. I've a box full of herbal ingrediants bought in the Supermarket to try out 😄 well done 👍
23 September 2021, 00:25
Carsten Gurk
Der Raketenjagdpanzer 2 ist mein nächstes Projekt 😉
Beim KaJaPa fehlt nur noch die Kette - die Friulkette ist ein Horror und sobald die drauf ist ein finales weathering mit Staubpigmenten.
23 September 2021, 17:10
Camo net looks great. You may want to use some paint on it. Oregano will not stay green for ever 😉 I have used it o dips tooo 😉
23 September 2021, 17:43
Carsten Gurk
The tank will receive a some pigments when the tracks are on and yes, the herbs need a light greenish coat
23 September 2021, 18:21
Guy Rump
Very impressive! 👍
16 August 2023, 17:37

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