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GAZ-AA | Miniart | W.I.P.


8 9 August 2020, 07:56
Rui S
Looking good, Nice colors too. 👍
I'm thinking about start building my Zis 5. I've tried to contact Custom Factory to buy there's ZIS-5: Fire Engine (Auto Pump) CF35101, but they didn't reply? 🙁
18 December 2021, 13:36
Tom B.
Nice colourful ZiS you have there 👍 Most of the time, you see them in green, so red is a nice variety!
@Rui S: those fire trucks are indeed interesting... I think about daring to build one from PST/Zebrano in 1/72...
18 December 2021, 16:26


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In progress
1:35 1,5 Ton Cargo Truck (MiniArt 38013)1:35 Rocket Launcher LAP-7 (MiniArt 35277)1:35 Piano Set (MiniArt 35626)
GAZ-AA Soviet 1.5 Cargo Truck
SU Odessa taxi
Freight Taxis ФФ 53-57
1947 - Odessa
Black, Russian Green, Dark Green

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