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Robert Podkoński (podkon)


One of the most modeller-friendly kits I ever have dealt with. I liked it so much that I consider purchasing and assembling the next one - maybe in Swedish livery - which is unusual for me... 🙂


10 | 12. July, 09:58
Jonathan Read-Bone
I agree, a lovely kit and a interesting aircraft to build
26. July, 17:17
Robert Podkoński
Thanks for likes, Gentlemen!
26. July, 17:26
A lovely cute little Vampire. 👍
26. July, 18:03
Oleg Smilyk
Nice build, Robert , looking very good! I like your presentetion , on dark and white.
26. July, 18:27
Robert Podkoński
Thank you very much Oleg and Mark 🙂
26. July, 19:52
Mark K
Beaurifully done!
26. July, 20:29
Robert Podkoński
Thank you, Mark. This kit is designed so well that it just cannot be done bad. 😉
26. July, 20:32
Łukasz Gliński
Shouldn't it be brown and furry? 😛 Nicely done 👍
27. July, 11:11
Robert Podkoński
This kiwi had camouflaged itself and grew wings, Łukasz, but it looks like there is an egg hidden insides... 😄 Thanks!
27. July, 13:00


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1:72 De Havilland Vampire T.11 (Airfix A55204)

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