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Palo M (Muro)

Construction - F3H-2/F-3B Demon

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Palo M
I think this is a shortrun and the first one I've ever built. The plastic is more in difficult to work with, e.g. Mr Cement S does not hold it together. Fit of some pieces is bad - there are large gaps or pieces just don't have enough space.
There were also a few sink marks, but they were easy to fix.
Also, don't expect any guiding holes/pins.
29 August 2021, 17:06
Well done so far. Following!
29 August 2021, 17:19
Palo M
Thank you, Cuajete. Definitely a new experience.
29 August 2021, 18:02
Sergej I
Count me in, got this bird in the stash!
31 August 2021, 14:36
Palo M
Welcome Sergej!
31 August 2021, 15:16
Oleg Bogolei
3 September 2021, 14:14
Maciej Bellos
3 September 2021, 15:14
Palo M
Welcome, Oleg and Maciej. Still filling and sanding the fuselage, both in the front near the cockpit, as well as the line along the fuselage. I'm also replacing the tail, as there are two versions in the kit and the other one seems more correct for the version I'm building. Next photos once filling and sanding is done.
3 September 2021, 19:40
Slavo Hazucha
An F-3 is the first step en route to the F-4 😉

PE seem to help a lot - you could clean up the affected areas with a brush & debonder - I bought a bottle, mainly for separating me from various surfaces/materials, which it does, but it also helps removing CA excess quite nicely...
5 September 2021, 20:14
Palo M
Yeah, debonder is coming up. There are some parts where I'm using the CA glue as filler so have to be careful.
5 September 2021, 20:45
Have one in my stash, following.

PS. About the de-bonder, I would use them very cautiously if I were you. The one I've been using sometimes also melts the kit plastic.
6 September 2021, 05:25
Palo M
Thanks HammerMax, will test first.
6 September 2021, 07:31
Slavo Hazucha
Watch out for "Schrödingers plastic & colors" behaviors 😉 😉
6 September 2021, 12:24
Palo M
Seems to come together after all, with the exception of the cockpit. Unfortunately, even after trying to gently bend and sand the pieces, there is just no way to make the cockpit closed, a big gap stays.
3 October 2021, 19:19
I'm not going to have the canopy closed but still surprised by the large gap. Clean work till now, though.
4 October 2021, 16:41
Palo M
I'm impressed with the decals - they are a bit thick, but are easy to apply and react well to magic potions to follow panel lines etc.
26 October 2021, 11:58
Palo M
And finished. Proper photos still coming, but was fun to build my first short-run. I expected worse, Sword was a very nice surprise. Shame about the ill-fitting cockpit, everything else went great.

(And don't expect to use the thin Mr cement, it doesn't work)
13 November 2021, 19:36
Very nice result, Palo 👍
13 November 2021, 21:07
John Thomas
Nice work
13 November 2021, 22:35
Sergej I
Excellent result!! 👍
13 November 2021, 23:30
Palo M
Thank you, Cuajete, John and Sergej!
13 November 2021, 23:43
James C
It looks great despite the issues you had. Nice paintwork, and great choice of markings 👍
14 November 2021, 00:41
Alex Rodionov
Very nice result.
14 November 2021, 06:29


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1:72 McDonnell F3H-2/F-3B Demon (Sword SW 72122)

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