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Falk Röllig (gt-eins)

1:72 F-15E Strike Eagle 4th Wing's 75th Anniversary, Seymour Johnson AFB

Final photos of the bird.
Great Wall Hobby F-15E, DXM decals, Aires ACES II ejection seats, PJ production pilots, Eduard Sniper ATP, AIM-120C Training and a modified ACMI pod from Hasegawa.


13 | 8. June, 13:39
8. June, 13:57
Falk Röllig
Thank you.
8. June, 17:46
Łukasz Gliński
Lovely 👍 Still thinking of getting these decals too
9. June, 09:11
Falk Röllig
Thank you Lukasz. I can recommend these decals. All you need is time, patience and decal softer. There are a lot of references for this jet easy to find.
10. June, 20:16
Gary Kitchen
Stunning stuff. I've got the Polish Raven for F16 and if it come out anything nearly like this I'd be over the moon.
11. June, 06:43


In progress
1:72 F-15E (Great Wall Hobby L7201)1:72 F-15E GREAT WALL HOBBY (Eduard 73615)1:72 F-15E U.S. AIR FORCE STRIKE EAGLE (DXM Decals 81-7126)6+
McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle
US Military US Air Force (1947-now)
336 FS 88-1700
2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom

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