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Zach Wilson (howdyzach)

WWI Pigeon Loft


50 | 25. January, 02:08
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Zach Wilson
Started building a mobile pigeon loft from WW1 - the only version that's available is 1:72 and that just won't let me add enough pigeons.
25. January, 02:12
Zach Wilson
It's starting to come together, I still have a few big components to build but I am starting to focus on laying in more detal.
2. February, 02:16
Moritz Fentzahn
Great subject. Count me in, Zach 👍
2. February, 09:12
Erik No
Lovely idea! 🙂
2. February, 10:37
that is certainly one of a kind!! looking great already
2. February, 10:47
Zach Wilson
pretty much ready to paint now, or at least ready to prime and see what needs more work.
10. February, 06:14
Zach Wilson
I figured out a simple but effective technique to make it look like your model is covered in bird shit, take that mig jiminez!
20. February, 04:56
seriously looking good shit! 😄
20. February, 10:14
Good shit indeed. 😄
Real lovely work, Zach. 👍 The pigeons themselves are great, too. They have nice colour transitions.
20. February, 10:26
Zach Wilson
starting to put together the base and the figures and adding more detail
25. February, 15:21
Zach Wilson
figures are coming together, although I messed one up and I have to repaint it luckily it's a resin figure so I could just strip the paint off with laquer thinner. I added the reference photo of a french version of this vehicle that made me fall in love with this, as soon as I saw the guy with the bird on his head I knew I had to make this.
1. March, 05:13
René "Lord Bilbo" Bartholemy
Pity I didn't see this one sooner! Following.
1. March, 16:55
How cool iz this!?
1. March, 18:00
Zsolt Czegle
Great object, awesome work! 👍
1. March, 20:02
Tini Hendriks
It' getting gorgeous!
2. March, 01:01
A fabulous conversion! Inspiring work
5. March, 20:34
Erik No
I love it! Absolutely fantastic work and a great atmosphere!
6. March, 12:40
Zach Wilson
thanks all - I've got it finished, I'm just waiting on my new camera so that I can take proper photos of the completed project.
7. March, 05:14
Duncan Flint
Lovely, I do enjoy seeing the more unusual stuff.
7. March, 07:04
Looking for the final pics ..........
7. March, 10:13
Zach Wilson
Camera finally came, took me a while to dial her in but I think it came out looking ok
11. March, 04:08
Moritz Fentzahn
Such a great work. I love the idea and am a bit jealous of it. You can be really proud about this. 👍
11. March, 07:38
Tini Hendriks
Price winning model! 👍
11. March, 08:21
Zsolt Czegle
Awesome build! 👍
11. March, 08:52
awesome result.
11. March, 09:00
Wonderful result. Idea, implementation, photography. 👍👍👍Great modelling.
11. March, 09:28
Rui S
Excellent work and dio, as always 👍
11. March, 11:37
Zach Wilson
Thanks all, I had a good time with this one and I'm pretty happy with how it came out.
11. March, 14:38
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Awesome, original subject and very nice realisation, congrats!
11. March, 17:51
Joerg R.
11. March, 17:52
11. March, 18:40
11. March, 19:02
Thomas Bischoff
simply stunning
11. March, 20:09
absolutely fun in all ways possible...thank you for sharing this wonder!
11. March, 21:04
René "Lord Bilbo" Bartholemy
Hat doffgingly stunning! Chapeau !
11. March, 21:48
Chaz Gordon
Brings new meaning to the term "Battle Bus", awesome job.
13. March, 19:59
James C
Such an unusual subject, and looks fantastic. Nice work Zach👍
13. March, 20:45
Zach Wilson
Thanks all
13. March, 22:17


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