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Konrad (Kon_Bar)

L-60 Brygadyr


40 3 September 2022, 06:01
Very nice, well done!
3 September 2022, 06:50
Bruce Huxtable
3 September 2022, 06:59
Guy Rump
Very nice! 👍
3 September 2022, 08:49
Thanks 🙂
3 September 2022, 14:00
Nice little fella!
3 September 2022, 16:02
Dietmar Bogatzki
Nice little Plane 🙂
3 September 2022, 16:56
thanks 🙂
4 September 2022, 09:18
Robert Podkoński
Awesome work, Konrad! (I remember building Brigadyr's models from VEB Plasticard, I suppose this offering is a bit better in terms of quality and details, Am I right?)
4 September 2022, 09:23
Robert - to be honest: I never have in my hands Plasticard kit, BUT based on his age and scale (Plasticard is 1/100) I suppose that you're right 🙂
4 September 2022, 18:14
wow. that is fantastic,.
5 September 2022, 21:55
Thanks 🙂
7 September 2022, 07:45
Saeed Ezadi
23 October 2022, 20:13
Really nice, like it a lot
24 October 2022, 07:48

Album info

About the aircraft:
One of three L-60 Brigadiers flying in Poland in an air ambulance version. Painting based on conjecture - sister planes SP-FXA and SP-FXB most likely had all surfaces cream and dark blue. Here I decided on the red elements "above the cabin" based on analysis of black and white photos and a suggestion with a colour photograph from (as far as I remember "Skrzydlata Polska" from the 1950s. To this day I'm not sure whether the leading edges should be red or navy blue ?

About the model:
The base was a kit from AZ Model in 1/72 scale. I made the interior from scratch - another edition of the kit does include the SP-FXA paint job for the later paint version, but it too does not include the interior for the sanitary version. The model caused me quite a lot of difficulty in gluing - such "greenhouses" require a different approach to assembly and painting. In the end, however, I'm satisfied - I hope you'll like it too 🙂

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1:72 L-60 Brigadýr (AZmodel AZCZ36)

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