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Chris Becker (nickmakwell)

A-6A Intruder 151792 VA-85

This is my attempt at recreating the great looking SEA camouflage on an A-6 Intruder, while detailing up the already really good Trumpeter 1/32 kit.
Lots of extras, adding aftermarket where required to replace inaccuracies or increase detail.


1 | 26. February 2020, 23:54
Mark Medwell
how are you finding the kit Mk.82s? they looked a little undernourished on my A-4E kit (assumeing they are the same sprues used).
27. February 2020, 01:08
Chris Becker
Hi Mark, yep they are way underscale, Ive been reshaping them with putty and epoxy, almost finished! I reckon about 1 mm too thin overall. If you only need a couple, I'd replace them with Eduard or Video Aviation resin copies, I needed 22...so it becomes expensive!
27. February 2020, 21:18
Maciej Bellos
What a beast! Following with interest!
15. March 2020, 12:29
Fantastic start, takin a seat!
15. March 2020, 14:01
Chris Becker
Thanks chaps, I'll have another update soon - I've nearly finished the loadout, changed to two wing tanks and 3 MERs instead of a centerline fuel tank and 4 MERs since I was able to procure 2 extra Mk 82s for a total 18 (6 per MER).
Also moved forward with the cockpit, started on the crew - I'll post those pictures when finished detailing the figures.
15. March 2020, 21:49


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