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Jean-Michel Tilquin (jetil)

Mission Zebra

Mission Zebra was the code name for the introduction of a set of new weapons in the US Army by 1945. The best known of these weapons was the M26 (by then T26E3) Pershing.
A factory fresh Pershing is being delivered, which catches the attention of some US tankers...


Andrea Succio
very beautiful, GOOD JOB
27 October 2021, 13:33
WOW! That's fantastic.
27 October 2021, 14:26
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Thanks mates!
29 October 2021, 16:50
John Thomas
Very nice
29 October 2021, 18:05
Wow, nearly missed this one ...... newsfeed overload ...... Everything just fine here: idea, scenery, vehicles, figures and terrain. Outstanding detail and paint work, appropriate weathering and well balanced lay out. Inspiring dio!
30 October 2021, 09:15
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Thanks Master.. euh I mean Neuling, and John! Much appreciated
30 October 2021, 09:57
I could not say it better than Master Neuling.
30 October 2021, 11:30
Logan Eden
Good Morning, Outstanding Artistry!!! Slight weathering difference between the Dragon Wagon and Pershing added to the increased interest in the overall look. You pulled it off nicely. Catch Ya, Logan
30 October 2021, 13:39
James C
Fabulous work Jean_Michel 👍
30 October 2021, 14:56
Spectacular. It really shows that you put a ton of attention into the weathering of the truck.
31 October 2021, 00:21
Guy Rump
Great work 👍
31 October 2021, 09:02
Jean-Michel Tilquin
Thanks again to all of you
31 October 2021, 10:34
Rui S
That's a Giant One. Beautifully done 👍
31 October 2021, 11:58


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1:35 Dragon Wagon (Tamiya 35230)1:35 M26 Pershing (Tamiya 35254)1:35 U.S 90 mm M3 barrel with muzzle brake for T26E3 , Pershing (Aber 35L-242)3+

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