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P. S. (Spychi)

Nachtjäger Nr 11

Schrittweiser Bau des Rumpfes respektive der Aussenhaut


2 | 2. September 2018, 15:03
Holger Kranich
Der Motor kommt schon mal ziemlich cool...😉
31. October 2018, 16:09
P. S.
Besten Dank! Gebe mir Mühe
2. November 2018, 19:48
I have a similar build for a rainy day in store. I hope to see this model of yours finished. 🙂
11. November 2018, 14:02
P. S.
hello treehugger, thanks, I think a rainy day is barely enough ;)
11. November 2018, 14:34
🙂 Well played. Btw, there's aftermarket barrels for this type of kit I am sure. I have the Eduard A-9, and I recently ordered some barrels which should be for several versions of the Focke Wulf 190.
11. November 2018, 14:43
Choppa Nutta
Nicely done P.S. !! 🙂
4. July 2020, 11:21
P. S.
thanks, the antennas and the dioramam are still missing
4. July 2020, 18:25
Choppa Nutta
I think it is fair to say that we all understand what it is to have a work in progress😉
I look forward to more of this project 🙂
4. July 2020, 19:35


1:48 Fw 190 Nachtjäger (Eduard 8177)1:48 Fw 190A-8 (Eduard 48556)1:48 Fw 190A/F placards (Eduard FE370)1+
Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-6/R11
3R Military Wehrmacht Luftwaffe (German Air Force 1935-1945)
1./NJG 10 White 11 (ObLt. Fritz Krause)
January 1944 - Werneuchen

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