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★ Starfish ★ (Mike_AUT)

Brengun Heinkel He-162 1/144


6 | 3. September, 06:03
Bart Goesaert
Looking good. How is the kit?
3. September, 06:23
★ Starfish ★
Thanks! It's quite fiddly but that's expectable in this scale. Unfortunately I didn't use enough weight in the nose so I'll probably build a little diorama to glue the nose down :/
3. September, 08:01
Bart Goesaert
Ow... You remind me of something... didn't think about that for my harrier
3. September, 08:15
★ Starfish ★
Ooops 🙂
3. September, 11:39
Jan Peters
And there is me thinking the 72nd version is small.... You probably need a microscope for this one🙂
14. September, 05:50
Daniel Klink
@Jan the smaller the original the less difference to the bigger scales 🙂
Joking of course. Nice progress 👍
15. October, 17:39


In progress
1:144 He-162A Salamander (Brengun BRP144003)

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