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Rui Da Silva (GrenadeBait)

Portuguese Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC

In an effort to work through the duplicates in my stash I decided to do this little 1:72 Hawker Hurricane IIc from Academy; the detail looks good and the building not to difficult.

As I was doing the research about colours to use, I stumbled upon Hurricanes in Portuguese service. So I decide to look into this a little further and found a Scalemates member in France with some decals to replace the kit's RAF markings.


24 | 6. July, 00:22
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Gary Kitchen
Good luck Rui. Following.
6. July, 05:46
Rui Da Silva
Thanks Gary. I'm well into the project and encountering problems so luck may play a big part in turning out something that looks decent.
7. July, 04:22
7. July, 09:40
Rui Da Silva
Upload the initial work. All cockpit assembly, painting, and weathering. Looks ok but I should have painted part separately and then assembled because it was difficult working in the tight space. ?
9. July, 03:08
Rui Da Silva
Finished the dashboard instrument cluster and I think it look pretty good for straight paint and no pe or decals. ?
10. July, 16:28
Gary Kitchen
Rui. Panel looks great as does the prop. Cat hair gets everywhere. 👍
10. July, 18:03
Robert Podkoński
Following as well 😉
10. July, 19:16
Łukasz Gliński
Dog's too 😄
10. July, 20:36
10. July, 20:50
Rui Da Silva
Added this morning work to the photo album. My favourite part of the project so far is the instrument panel which turned out well, but as I suspected, i will never see it again ?
10. July, 22:52
Guy Rump
Looking good Rui, watching 👍
11. July, 10:44
Rui Da Silva
I started the painting lasted night and uploaded a couple of pics. The first coat covered up the terrible presaging job but I may have gone a little thick for a first coat ?
20. July, 21:45
Łukasz Gliński
It's better than you describe it 😉
I'm having the same problems with preshading and decided to use it only on a single-colour kits (e.g. my Tomcat).
For the multi-colour camo I do the following:
- spray particular colour +20% white
- postshade the panel lines (and other details) using same colour thinned to being almost transparent (sometimes adding 10% of black).
Examples: Wildcat, Swift and Canberra. Maybe that would suit you too, who knows?
21. July, 07:16
Looking good. 👍
21. July, 19:26
Gary Kitchen
Agree with Mark. The grey and green look great tonally. Good stuff Rui 👍
21. July, 20:46
Rui Da Silva
Thanks Lukasz. I've been toying with the idea of trying post shading in that manner.
21. July, 23:40
Rui Da Silva
Thank Guys, I think the colour did turn out well. It's a mystery why the green patch on that wing tip has a bit of a sheen on it. Paint may have settle in the airbrush I guess.
21. July, 23:42
Łukasz Gliński
Just found out - you did it freehand, didn't you? 😮
22. July, 07:00
Rui Da Silva
Yes…freehand airbrushed the camouflage pattern. Did it in two coats. The first was a little rough and uneven but it defined pattern. The second evened it out and allowed me to tweak the edges. I found my super-cheap knock-off airbrush that came with my compressor to be good at freehand airbrushing because it's ridiculously small 0.2 mm needle.
22. July, 17:56
Roland Gunslinger
Nice work! Camo looks good 👍
22. July, 17:58
Very interesting markings - good job.
23. July, 19:42
Rui Da Silva
Thanks John
Just an FYI for everyone - I have been referencing a mix of historical photos, museum displays, and a few other modellers builds, so my build is not exact to one specific historical example but more of a general representation of history. Also, I claim artistic prerogative and made a significant deviation in the markings by adding the national flag's astrolabe coat of arms to the fuselage sides just forward of the cockpit. There are no indications this was ever done but that area of the model was relatively devoid of markings and I thought it would look great.
23. July, 19:53
Rui, You bring up a good point about the hobby. I think that most modelers (at least here on SCM) attempt varying degrees of historical accuracy, as I think that partially draws us into the hobby. I do believe that there is a strong amount of artistry involved in the hobby, and as an artist, we are afforded an artistic license. So if one wants to paint a Mustang black with golden lighting bolts, then why not? It would probably look nice, and be fun for us to watch. Your Hurricane looks nice and would be proud to display on anyone's shelf or cabinet.
23. July, 20:27
Moreno Baruffini
Really a great job, both from a technical point of view and from an artistic point of view!!!

...E poi le insegne portoghesi sono fantastiche!!!
24. July, 17:32
Gary Kitchen
Hi Rui. Great finish and excellent markings and scheme. If mine comes out anywhere near this good I'll be a happy chap 👍
25. July, 21:23
Rui Da Silva
Thanks guys. I started the weathering last night and hopefully not muck it up too much. I mean I want to muck it up and give it some wear and tear but not like my fist kit which ended up looking like it belonged in an aircraft graveyard ?
25. July, 23:23
Gary Kitchen
Weathering looks great Rui. You're almost done.
29. July, 21:22
Rui Da Silva
Yup… almost done. Finished adding all the bits today and painting the canopy frame. She should be ready for some a glamour photo shoot soon ?
29. July, 22:17
Mark K
29. July, 22:38


1:72 Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIC (Academy 2129)1:72 Portugal Fighters 1937-1947 (Tally Ho! (Canada) 7134)
Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIc
PT Military Arma da Aeronáutica Militar (Portuguese Military Aeronautics Arm 1918-1952)
Esq. VX VX-A
September 1943 - Ota
Ocan grey, dark green, medium sea grey

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