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Rick Taylor (MasterGunner)

M12 155mm Gun Motor Carriage

M12 155mm GMC in Northern Europe in 1944 or 1945. I started with Academy kit and Eduard PE. I used parts from the Verlinden interior and scratch built elements in the interior. The fit on the Verlinden interior was poor. So, I scratch built most of the engine compartment and and some of the drivers compartment. Interior decals and placards are from Archer. Small details in the engine compartment are from a variety of sources (Minicraft, Tamiya, TMD, Bronco). I did use the rather weak resin engine and mount. It took a lot of filing and scratch building to get it installed. The engine oil coolers, oil reservoir, fire suppression system, electrical system, and bulkheads were scratch built. I used the excellent AFV Club T54 individual link tracks vs the wrong and very stiff tracks from Academy. I had to do a lot of filing and test fitting to get them to mate with the Academy drive sprockets. The ammo in the back is from the Verlinden detail kit with decals from a variety of sources (Tamiya, AFV Club, Archer). The water can is Resicast and the C-ration cartons are from Legend. The ammo cans are Verlinden and fuse cans are scratched. The seat belts are scratched from lead foil and copper wire.

Primed with Krylon flat black on the exterior and Tamiya white on the interior. Painted with AK Real Colors and Tamiya. Weathered with W&N oils and AK enamels and pigments. I intended to depict this as "Adolph's Assassin" but the kit decals were very thick and silvered badly. I ended up pulling the kit decals off and going with a non-specific GMC.


What you show here is not a good copy, but a little original! I like the precise interior detail work and the over all appearance. 👍
17 August 2020, 08:47
Rick Taylor
Thanks! This one took a long time and had lots of challenges but it turned out well.

17 August 2020, 16:43
Michael Osadciw
Looks great! How was the Academy kit?
17 August 2020, 20:55
Rui S
It Turn out Excellent 👍 Beautifu paintjob &l model
A base and dio??? It sure deserves😎
17 August 2020, 21:20
Rick Taylor

The Academy kit was good overall - good details, and fit, no flash or molding issues. The kit includes two options on the type of road wheels and drive sprockets. There is some type of dimensional issue in the drivers compartment and engine compartment - things didn't quite match the photos. But these areas are not visible in the completed model. I have a second Academy M12 that will be converted into a T30 ammo carrier to accompany the M12. I've already scavenged the 155 gun from it to kit bash with the Commander Models resin 155 GPF kit.

18 August 2020, 01:39
Rick Taylor

Thank you! Maybe once the ammo carrier is built, I'll put them together in a diorama.

18 August 2020, 01:40
Gerald Willing
Nice Workr Sire 👍
18 August 2020, 08:01
Rick Taylor
Thank you Gerald!
18 August 2020, 16:40


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