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Dave Burgess (kryten2q4b)

RCAF CF-18 Hornet, Tiger Meet 1992


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31. October 2018, 19:29
Sergej I
Interesting topic! do include more intermediate photos pls 🙂
31. March 2020, 06:22
Łukasz Gliński
Lovely decals, I still haven't got them
31. March 2020, 15:57
Greg Baker
Oh, sign me up for this one. It tickles my patriotic yearning. Canada 150 was fun here in Seoul... explaining to Koreans, "no, no... the whole COUNTRY is 150 years old... "
1. April 2020, 00:51
Łukasz Gliński
@Greg: LOL 😄
1. April 2020, 07:06
1. April 2020, 19:50
Dave Burgess
Canada 150 project scrapped. The decals from Fishbone completely splintered as soon as I removed them from the backing paper and tried to move them into position. That, and the size of the central maple leaf was completely wrong. I could not get it to line up with the other decals on the wing without large sections at the front being to far forward for the wing. Re-painted the a/c FS35237 grey, and I will turn this into the 1992 Tiger Meet Hornet. Sorry, folks!
11. April 2020, 00:26
Sergej I
Good luck with the tiger! 👍
11. April 2020, 12:34
Łukasz Gliński
Pity the decals were so bad, now I should be happy I haven't ordered them yet (should I? 🙂 )
Looking forward to see the Tiger, built similar one some time ago 👍
11. April 2020, 12:58
Dave Burgess
Lukasz, my recommendation would be NO, even if you don't encounter the splintering problem. As I see it, the central maple leaf on the topside of the fuselage appears to be too big. You need to start decalling with the yellow maple leaf outlines on the outer wing panels, because they continue onto the main maple leaf, which means they have to be aligned. If you do that, and align the main maple leaf with the yellow outlined leafs, then the main leaf has to be moved forward to the point where almost half an inch of the central maple leaf's left and right upper points fall off the leading edge of the wing. Something is obviously wrong with the whole decal sheet.
11. April 2020, 19:14
Dave Burgess
Decalling the Tiger Meet 1992 Hornet is a job and a half! Leading Edge gives you 2 complete pages of decals! I've just completed day 2 of decalling, and I've only finished the tiger stripe camo. I still have all of the national insignia and stencilling to do - that's at least one more day's work! Oh well, it looks really nice so far, so it's some compensation for not being able to do the Canada 150 scheme; It also used up a decal set from my stash. Once the decalling is complete, the bird will go together quickly; I've already painted, decalled, and assembled (where relevant) all of the gear, gear doors, canopy etc, so it's just a matter of attaching the bits after decalling is done. Then a quick touch-up of paint where necessary, and I can add t to the collection.
17. April 2020, 00:38
Erik De Smet
Impressive collection Dave as well as your x Planes.
23. April 2020, 11:32
Łukasz Gliński
Wow, very nice bunch of bugs 👍
23. April 2020, 12:52


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1:72 F/A-18A+ Hornet "VFC-12 Adversary" (Hasegawa 02202)1:72 CF-188 Canada 150 (Fishbone Studio FB72005)1:72 CAF CF-18 439 Tiger Meet Special 1992 (Leading Edge 72.037)1+

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