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Christian (Styrolschnitzer)



30. April 2017, 01:01
11. August 2017, 08:47
Thank you for your interest. But it will still take a while to continue - many annoying problems.
Next year I hope again.😢
14. August 2017, 06:38
looking nice. we will have to wait, but it will be a nice model when finished 🙂
15. August 2017, 07:52
I made an edge at the door with a 0.25 mm sheet, i think thats looks better.
16. June 2018, 23:44
Björn Svedberg
Cool project! 👍 Following. 🙂
17. June 2018, 06:09
Andrea Brivio
ohh that's cool
17. June 2018, 15:08
Thanks! That will take a long time until this CSL is ready ...
A lot to do and little time, you know that for sure. 😄
20. June 2018, 14:13
Martin Oostrom
Nice edge on the doors. And I like those stairs 😄
20. June 2018, 14:18
Yes, i think the ship stairs are the best solution to replace the ugly louvres from Arii.


20. June 2018, 15:18
cool idea!
20. June 2018, 16:03
Andrea Brivio
I will start soon a TK for this baby, mostly a detail up. The subject is awesome, the arii body is quite accurate...but detail at all. I will do something as i did for the Protar LC2. Possibly with metal parts too.
20. June 2018, 23:51
Since the lights were molded in ugly red, I cast them new with clear resin.
23. June 2018, 14:38
David Funke
23. June 2018, 14:41


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