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WIP - Lancia Stratos Turbo


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Martin Oostrom
I bought this silver plated kit with the idea of spraying some Alclad candy over it. It should be a nice base for candy colours. But… there are just too many mold lines lines on the body that need to be sanded. Which defeats the whole purpose of a plated body. So into the brake fluid-bleach production line for stripping and sanding
12. August, 06:49
Christian W
That is sad, that there is so much work to do on the body 🙁
13. August, 07:51
indeed, it was nice color. but i am sure it will be better when you finish with it 🙂
13. August, 08:33
Martin Oostrom
Lesson learned, do not buy prepainted bodies. I guess the Red Countach suffers from the same?
13. August, 08:55
Did the kit come with any markings? It's a pretty specific race car, what do you plan to do with it?
13. August, 09:04
Martin Oostrom
There are no race markings whatsoever. So I'm thinking it's someone's track car or something. Perhaps a purple body with a black trim.
I'd love to have an Alitalia version, but decal sheets are rare and expensive. Let me sleep on it
15. August, 06:43

Spotmodel.Com has them listed as "stock arriving", but if you can't wait that long. ...
15. August, 08:26
Martin Oostrom
Thanks Bossy, I have some decals on order
17. August, 16:14
going good 🙂
21. October, 20:40
Martin Oostrom
Yes indeed. Alitalia markings are in the box, so when the white dries satisfactorily, it's decal time!
21. October, 20:59
Martin Oostrom
Started with the decals. Roughly 30% done
23. October, 06:29
Not painting the gaskets first, you daredevil!
23. October, 08:07
Martin Oostrom
After the 2k gloss. I want the gaskets matt
23. October, 09:48
Alec K
Nice project and progress Martin. What a classic 👍
23. October, 12:40
Martin Oostrom
All decals done, finally.
29. October, 21:11
it looks really good Martin.
29. October, 21:17
Alec K
Decal hell, but looks glorious 👍
30. October, 12:22
Martin Oostrom
You're too kind. I glued and assembled everything that could be done. It's raining too much for airbrushing 2k clear. Break time!
31. October, 15:32
Michael Kohl
Good job on that brute. Wasn't the body of the Stratos made from plastic?
Didn't know the brake fluid method, only even cleaner. Any special fluid you need for that?
7. November, 10:04
Martin Oostrom
Some manufacturers put a gloss coat over their paints, Italeri does/did it with their chrome. You use brake fluid (dot 3 or 4 I believe) to strip the gloss, then bleach for the colour and then again brake fluid, as sometimes the gloss is used as a primer as well.

I don't know about the body of the Stratos, it's just a car I like 😄
7. November, 10:08
Alec K
It's shaping up nicely. Looks like this can be motorized?!
7. November, 14:01
Martin Oostrom
I think that is/was possible. A piece resembling an on/off switch was glued on the bottom
7. November, 14:57
Looking great Martin!
7. November, 20:57
Michael Kohl
I checked with wikipedia about the Stratos' body. They say that front and rear hood were made from GRP, the rest of the body from steel.
7. November, 23:21
Martin Oostrom
Never knew that Michael. Thanks for the info.
I call this one done. Not one of my best. I struggled a lot with the aftermarket decals. Then I polished through the 2k to damage some. Anyway, she deserves a spot (in the back of) the cabinet. Will take some pictures outside whenever the sun decides to show up.
14. November, 11:14
Michael Kohl
I like it. And - it is a rally car after all. So you put tons of muck all over it. Actually something I would do for sure.
14. November, 11:26
It looks great, but I agree with Michael, maybe you want to get dirty now 😉
14. November, 17:39
Alec K
I like it clean 😉. Nicely done Martin 👍
14. November, 19:16
Martin Oostrom
Mmm. the car is fitted with slicks, which indicate a tarmac stage. Hardly the place to get dirty?
14. November, 20:02
good point in there Martin 😉
15. November, 09:50


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1:24 Lancia Stratos Turbo (Silver Color Plated) (Tamiya 25418)1:24 Alitalia Stratos Turbo 1977 Decal Set (Shunko Models SHK-D257)

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