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Michael Moerkens (Kanga1964)

Avia S-199


15 | 14. August, 09:51
Oleg Smilyk
Looking good! Clean work!
14. August, 12:42
Edward MacKenzie
Great work mate! 🙂 I am interested in this kit. How is it to built?
14. August, 14:39
Bruce Huxtable
Very neat and tidy ??
14. August, 17:28
Michael Moerkens
Thank you guy's.
@Edward, the build was without any major issue's as long as you take a litlle bit care, only the instructions are a bit vague on some points. And they are printed small as well.
You have to look carefully wich plane has the apropiate intakes, tailplanes & coolers.
I found this article on Hyperscale very helpfull,
and this website dedicated to 101 squadron,
15. August, 10:52
Robert Podkoński
Good work, Michael! We all are aware that these Kovozavody kits need some skills and attention (notwithstanding your modesty here... 😉 )
15. August, 13:09
Edward MacKenzie
Thanks Michael! This is very helpful! 🙂
15. August, 14:46


1:72 Avia S-199 "Sakin" Israeli Service (Kovozávody Prostějov KPM0217)
Avia S-199
IL Military Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force 1948-now)
101 Tayeset (First Fighter) Sqn. Dalet-121
1948 - Quastina PS
Light grey green

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