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Michael Moerkens (Kanga1964)

Revell ETV Waker

After being in storage for a long time, thought this is a good project to start up my new modeling life.
The model is a bit rough, as are my skills on the moment.
Changed a bit, removed the Revell idea of a bow propellor and also pimped the winches who where just a solid blump of plastic. But I'm not going overboard 🙂 in changing all the details that are missing.


1 | 27. October 2017, 20:58
Michael Moerkens
Slowly plodding allong, almost reaching the painting stages
9. November 2017, 20:52
Thomas Bischoff
a rare subject - count me in, looks promising!
9. November 2017, 20:59
Erik Leijdens
Hi Michael looks promising. I'm not much of a boat expert so I wonder why did you change the bow? I've read something about a bow propeller? Don't understand that haha.. plane nut..😉
18. November 2017, 07:48
Michael Moerkens
Thanks, Erik. I also have more with the flying things than the floating things. I changed the bow propellor due to the fact that the representation off Revell was not really convincing, as some other parts of this kit. And it was a good way of trying to revive my styrene hacking skills .
19. November 2017, 20:18
Felix Kronlage
Just came across this. Nice - always like SAR stuff.
2. April 2018, 15:34
Did you finish the model?
14. November 2020, 20:16
Michael Moerkens
G'Day Tim.

Haven't finished it yet, is still packed up. Like the rest of my modelling stuff. Bought a house that needed most of my spare time over the last two years. But I'm now in the last stages of the renovation project, and almost done with rebuilding the attic into a nice mancave. Then I will have the time and space to pick up the styreen molesting again. And I will definitly finish the Waker. I like your Calypso and other aquatic builds.
14. November 2020, 22:42
Thanks for reply. Yes life is busy. Its finding time and energy. Its a nice escape though. Hope you find some time soon for the Waker. Thanks for kind words.
15. November 2020, 19:38


1:200 Netherlands Coast Guard Emergency Towing Vessel (Revell 05240)
ETV Waker
NL Fire and emergency services Kustwacht (Netherlands Coast Guard)

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