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Roger Lustenberger (Similor)

Coast Guard Hind


Norman Gruss
I'm happy to be there. Unfortunately, the kit lacks the characteristic features of the rows of rivets. The pilot seats are kept very simple. The 3D decals look really good. I like.
19 May 2020, 06:31
Roger Lustenberger
Its a upscale from the Zvezda 1/72 Kit. For that Scale, its amazing. Bit for the Quarter Scale some morde Details would have been much appreciated.
19 May 2020, 06:55
Adam Gudynowski
Good luck 👍
19 May 2020, 06:57
Melgg Lütschg
That's a cool one! I'll have a look 🙂
19 May 2020, 07:41
Btw, I noticed this decal product which includes stencils. Unsure how many decals there are in the new Zvezda kit: hxxps://northstarmodels.ecwid.com/1-48-Мil-Мi-24V-VP-R-К-Hind-family-Decal-Begemot-48-042-p200568510
19 May 2020, 08:01
Roger Lustenberger
The Decals from the Kit are fine. Armament, Stencil etc is included. Maybe HGW will do some Rivet Stencil for this kit some day?
19 May 2020, 08:28
James C
Cool project and following👍

Did you get to the bottom of the tilt on the cargo bay bulkhead?
8 December 2020, 01:09
Roger Lustenberger
Nah, thatswhy everything is closed... maybe it was just me...

Looking at at it now with those colors im thinking of adding a Marlboro Text and name the project russian Armed F1 Racing Team... ????
8 December 2020, 06:37
A racing team hind sounds really interesting. 😄
I have this kit in my stash too, now I really feel the urge to check the parts of the cargo bay...
8 December 2020, 11:47
Roger Lustenberger
Update: the decals from svetzka are horrible and fold up immediatly.
But i got 80% of what i need on them now.
28 September 2021, 14:22
Adam Gudynowski
Nice (!)
28 September 2021, 18:03
Villiers de Vos
A very imaginative colour scheme. A very nice build.
29 September 2021, 06:53
Roger Lustenberger
So after the decals i placed my varnish on it, followed by a wash... somehow it looks like my varnish was old, because the wash got under the decals 😑 putting it aside for a while until i get more energy to tackle it again
6 October 2021, 09:04
Oh crap. 🙁
Yeah, maybe you're right. Sometimes it is best to take a break when stuff like that happens...
6 October 2021, 11:29
Arif Saeed
Very cool that love it 👏👏👍
7 October 2021, 20:11
Agreed. 😎 This is very cool! A Devil's Chariot as a coastguard rescue chopper!! Knew nothing about the film. Nice project and build 👍👍
7 October 2021, 23:18


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