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14 June 2018, 08:05
Nice job!
14 June 2018, 08:12
Enrico Lodesani
Thank you!!
14 June 2018, 08:17
Oleg Bogolei
Exelent waethering!
15 June 2018, 06:39
Patrick Hagelstein
Really love what you did to the kit and really love your set up and detailed diorama but.... what did you do to the afterburner petals! Looks like you installed both the GE and P&W engines at once.
15 June 2018, 06:52
Enrico Lodesani
Thank you very much Patrik! but i'm not very expert and i don't understand if it's a compliment or a criticism. If i did something wrong, can you explain yourself better not to repeat the mistake next time?
15 June 2018, 07:36
very nice model and dio!!
15 June 2018, 09:04
i think Patrick is talking about picture number 2. you have two afterburners in each engine. you should have only use one (inner or outer one not both)
see for example
15 June 2018, 09:06
Enrico Lodesani
I understood the problem! however, following the instructions, it seems that they are both mounted in the same engine. 1999.co.jp/eng/image/10197456.
I thought it was ok but it's always better to look at the real photos.
15 June 2018, 09:49
maybe this picture is better [img1]
not sure if this is the Pratt & Whitney engine, or the General Electric, 🙂 Patrick knows certainly more than i do 🙂
15 June 2018, 09:49
Sebastijan Videc
I see where the problem is - you've made a mistake during the contruction - you have optional closed or open nozzles and the inner tube has correspondent diameter. What you did was install engines with parts for closed nozzles (narrower diameter for inner part) and installed open nozzles around it. You could remove the open nozzles now and install the closed ones (wouldn't be correct for a parked jet), but at least you wouldn't have the "2-exhaust pipes" effect.
15 June 2018, 12:11
Enrico Lodesani
You're right Sebastijan, I understand exactly the mistake. I try to see what I can do to fix it. thank you all for the suggestions!!
15 June 2018, 12:48
15 June 2018, 12:52
i remember some post about them closing when the hydraulic fluid drains out... but i can nto remember the details. probably Patrick knows that
15 June 2018, 13:06
Sebastijan Videc
@Spaanjaard - Usually one nozzle closes down while the other stays open. This was the case with the A model TF30 engines, although I have seen it on Bs and Ds but not as often.
15 June 2018, 19:36
thanks a lot Sebastijan 🙂
15 June 2018, 21:23
Patrick Hagelstein
Hello Enrico, sorry for not answering earlier but I was busy with my other hobby; visiting music festivals (just saw the Foo Fighters!). During my absence however the scaleMates already helped you get an answer to your question. Spanjaard is correct regarding one exhaust being open and the other being closed when engines are shutting off. The TF30 engine which shuts off first is opened due to the hydraulics still functioning. Engine number two loses hydraulic power when it shuts down, so the nozzle stays in the closed position. (It opens immediately when starting the engine again to have enough draft through the engine to actually be able to run through the starting sequence) Due to the different design of the newer GE 110s the nozzles stay open once shut down. For a modeler this means that when modeling a parked F-14A the right engine nozzle should be closed and the left should be open. When modeling an F-14B or D (both GE equipped) the nozzles can be open. I think that the instructions give you an option for both closed or opened exhausts and that's where things can get confusing. Sebastijan gives a good solution as it isn't uncommon to see both nozzles opened or closed on a parked Tomcat. This has to do with engine test runs or hooked up hydraulics. Of it's possible to remove the nozzles as Sebastijan describes without any damage, that would be great because the rest of your diorama looks splendid! 👍
16 June 2018, 23:56
Enrico Lodesani
Hello Patrick, greats Foo Fighters!! so recapitulating, if I mount both the exhausts and nozzles open or closed it would not be a problem. the important thing is that both the exhausts and the nozzles one are equal and not an open one and a closed one like now. correct?
17 June 2018, 10:34
i think you can even have one open and one closed if you choose the correct one, but not both open AND close at the same time 🙂
17 June 2018, 16:37
Clifford Keesler
Amazing Dio. Well done.
17 June 2018, 18:32
Patrick Hagelstein
The Foo Fighters are such an amazing entertainers, even if you don't like their music. Awesome show! To answer your question, yes, you can have either the closed ones or the open ones. But just as Spanjaard says, not both at the same time.
17 June 2018, 22:42
Enrico Lodesani
Ok, thank you very much guys, as soon as I have finished the Phantom project I will try to modify them. Maybe as Sebastijan says, I'll put the nozzles closed, hoping not to do any damage!
18 June 2018, 06:56
You have another option, you can cover the engines, and then you do not need to risk breaking anything😉
18 June 2018, 15:45
Patrick Hagelstein
Chained to the deck and having maintenance performed, that's actually a great idea Spanjaard! 👍
18 June 2018, 16:31
Enrico Lodesani
great idea Spanjaard, but what can I cover them with?
18 June 2018, 16:58
Enrico Lodesani
do they exist aftermarket?
18 June 2018, 17:00
Patrick Hagelstein
Steel Beach has some resin covered exhausts but than you still have to get the old ones off. You could use lead foil or some kind of sculptable putty.
18 June 2018, 18:27
Clifford Keesler
I think Steel Beach also makes vinayl intake and exhausts covers. And in many different colors.
18 June 2018, 23:34
i remember seeing a build of another Tomcat where somebody did that, but i could not find it yesterday. i think it was done with lead foil as Patrick suggested. but if there is an after market, why not? 🙂
19 June 2018, 05:33
Enrico Lodesani
19 June 2018, 05:41
Enrico Lodesani
I found these and I think they can adapt to the kit Hobby Boss. I do not understand from the picture if the nozzles are present.
19 June 2018, 05:45
VF-84 Jolly Rogers Desert Storm August 1991 | Album by mikestomcat (1:48)
this is the album i was looking for 🙂
19 June 2018, 06:03
and those that you found are nozzle and cover in one, so you will still need to remove the existing ones.
see another photo of the same set
19 June 2018, 06:10
Enrico Lodesani
I thought I will buy this set and that I should not do too much damage by removing the nozzles. Excellent solution Spanjaard 🙂
19 June 2018, 06:51


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