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Lt. Evil
Christian Skottun (Lt. Evil)

F-6B Recce


10. March 2018, 14:28
Tim Heimer
Nice Dio! Great work! What color did you use for the plane?
10. March 2018, 14:36
Christian Skottun
Color is Valejo Air, Olive Drab..with AK Ultra matt top Layer and pastels
10. March 2018, 14:39
Tim Heimer
Thank you sir, keep up the good work!
10. March 2018, 15:06
Choppa Nutta
nice work 🙂
14. March 2018, 07:53
Lovely little diorama. Shame some of the photos aren't the correct way up - looks like Tim hasn't sorted that problem yet.
14. March 2018, 15:29
Christian Skottun
Thank you. Yes I am struggeling with the direction of some of the photos when uploading from i Pad
14. March 2018, 17:27


1:48 F-6B Tac Recce Mustang (Accurate Miniatures 480010)1:48 U.S. 2 1/2TON 6x6 Airfield Fuel Truck (Tamiya 32579)

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