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Dan M (StarForce)

U.S. Self-Propelled 155mm Gun M40


Ingo F
Missed this one as well. Turned out very good! 👍
23 June 2018, 22:32
Dan M
Thank you guys!

The kit is a typical Tamiya kit. Easy to build, good details, a full crew, plenty of ammo projectiles (including decals to mark them). Those HVSS suspensions are so easy to build you gotta marvel at Tamiya's engineering.
As bad things I had to replace the string with a proper metal wire and of course the vinyl tracks. They're not bad but Tamiya makes them a little bit inaccurate as the their T80 track guide-horns are molded as a solid block which is not correct.
23 June 2018, 23:55
Martin Oostrom
Nice job Dan. Setup is really cool with the opened breach and the next shell being brought up. Very nice paintjob as well. 👍
24 June 2018, 07:41
Dan M
Thank you Martin!

@James, while the AFV club is cheaper than Tamiya and is just as detailed it has a couple of flaws:
1. The AFV barrel has the wrong length
2. The vinyl tracks included are only good for the for the Zebra mission prototype (WW2 not Korea). If you want to make a Korean vehicle (and most of the markings in the AFV kit are for this setup) you might want to change the tracks as well

Personally I would have went for the AFV kit as I replaced the tracks anyway if Tamiya would have not included the whole crew. For me this was an important aspect.
Also Tamiya only includes Korean markings.
24 June 2018, 08:59


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1:35 Self-Propelled 155mm Gun M40 (Tamiya 35351)1:35 M4 Sherman HVSS (AFV Club AF35033)1:35 Metal Wire Ropes Set 8×500mm (Eureka XXL LH-Z)

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