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34 15 February, 02:32
Robert Podkoński
Watching with interest!
16 February, 07:28
Gary Kitchen
Watching too.
18 February, 05:28
Me 3.
18 February, 19:29
Gary Kitchen
Lovely depth to the interior Bryce. What's the point of the tabs on the inner fuselage and wings? Is there a point do you know?
18 February, 20:30
Bryce Nicely
Gary, I'm assuming you mean the round things around the ejector pins? I don't think it's anything other than a remnant of their molding process. Seems to almost be some extra support so there is no distortion on what will be the visible side. And thank you for the compliment
19 February, 04:54
Gary Kitchen
19 February, 17:03
Rui S
Following 👍
19 February, 22:41
Michael Kohl
Count me in as well.
19 February, 23:25
Derek Buckmaster
Gary, the pins around the ejector pins are to hold the molding in the cavity half of the tool so it doesn't pull out too soon. Sometimes the molding can get damaged if it comes out of the cavity while the two halves of the tool are opening. These pins provide some extra friction to hold the molding in the cavity while the tool opens. Then the ejector pins push the molding out of the cavity once the tool has opened cleanly, thus preventing any damage to the molded parts. Hope that makes sense...
20 February, 12:57
Derek Buckmaster
Bryce, that's lovely work at 1/72 scale - very sharp!
20 February, 12:59
Gary Kitchen
@Derek- Many thanks.
20 February, 18:49
Bryce Nicely
Thanks, Derek
21 February, 02:13
Michael Kohl
I really like how you make the details pop at the interior. I would appreciate a few words to applied techniques and materials here and there. Building a P51-D right now I will take some inspiration from your build for sure.
21 February, 12:56
Bryce Nicely
Thanks, Michael. I just started posting on here again so I'm not quite up to speed. I'll see if I can add some notes with the photos
21 February, 13:49
Живко Джаков
I'm following!
22 June, 04:53
Well done so far 👍
22 June, 09:10
Łukasz Gliński
Impressive 👍
22 June, 09:46


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1:72 P-51 B/C Mustang™ (Arma Hobby 70038)

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