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Revell B-25J


16 November 2015, 22:24
Clifford Keesler
It will turn out nice, I know it will.
16 November 2015, 22:40
Wim van der Luijt
Count me in for this one.....Have one in my stash as well so I am curious to see how it builds up
20 November 2015, 10:08
Clifford Keesler
@Wim, mine built up really nice and it was OOB. I want to do another one with some aftermarket stuff.
20 November 2015, 15:18
Wim van der Luijt
That's good to hear Clifford, I already have Dutch markings for mine.....the rest of the stash is just kind of in the way 😄
20 November 2015, 18:39
Clifford Keesler
I know what you mean. When I get the chance I will take some pictures of mine.
21 November 2015, 20:35
Wim van der Luijt
Thanks, that would be great!
23 November 2015, 09:06
Very nice!! I think that if you turned the bombay doors around they might have fit better. I did mine with them open. Gary
9 December 2015, 18:45
Derek Jordan
Gary, I actually tried that when I was test fitting. At least in my kit, the orientation of the doors didn't have any noticeable difference. Question: what is the routing of the antenna that go from the top of both vertical stabilizers to some point on the fuselage near the turret? I can see the wires are there in pictures of B-25J's but can't tell what they actually attach to.
9 December 2015, 20:02
The antennas stick out on the side just aft of the cockpit. I'll have to post some pics of mine. I converted it into a gun nose with the bird face. Gary
10 December 2015, 17:22
Clifford Keesler
Looking very nice Derek.
10 December 2015, 17:36
Derek Jordan
Wim, thank you. Yes, this required more putty and sanding than I enjoy in a model. But, because I had been preparing it to be NMF, I had put more effort than was required into the seams. In the end, it looks great (to me) with the OD over NMF.
10 December 2015, 20:52
Derek Jordan
Clifford, thanks! I'm finally feeling like I am making significant headway after feeling so bogged down for awhile.
10 December 2015, 20:53
Derek Jordan
Gary, I would like to see the pictures. I've found some schematic type drawings that show the aerial wires, but I just can't tell where exactly they meet the fuselage. Maybe seeing what you did will help.
10 December 2015, 20:53
Derek Jordan
All, what are your thoughts on painting the framework on the turret canopy? I've read some things that say that the framework is actually just overlaid plexiglass and that the framework wasn't painted. But, I've seen pictures that seem to indicate otherwise (as well as the instructions, and instructions for the masks from Eduard). Anyone have the definitive word?
10 December 2015, 20:54
Derek Jordan
Oh, note that the front birdcage over the bombardier's station is simply held in place with tape. Once I get paint and decals on, I will install the guns and affix it permanently (hopefully with no gap if the test fit holds true).
10 December 2015, 21:59
Hi Derek, I added a B-25 album yesterday. It includes pics of real B-25's. It can be found here. Your doing an excallent job.Gary
B-25J | Album by centaur567
11 December 2015, 12:56
Derek Jordan
Very nice! Thank you.
11 December 2015, 21:02
Derek Jordan
Well Ladies and Gents, that one is done just in time for me to get it gifted and out the door tomorrow. I hate that my cell phone can't take better pictures of the glass (it looks uneven and really bad in the pictures, but not that way in person). The reflections make things look really wonky in these photographs that don't in person. Odd. Anyway, thanks for coming along on this journey. Your thoughts, tips and critiques are appreciated. Thanks and Happy Holidays to all. See you in the new year for the Reddit F-4 groupbuild.
19 December 2015, 04:37
Clifford Keesler
Totally awesome Derek. Wonderful job. You should be very proud of this one.
19 December 2015, 20:12
Derek Jordan
Thanks Clifford. There were several times I wanted to throw it against the wall and be done with it. Glad I saw it to the end. 🙂
19 December 2015, 21:53
Pedro Negron
Fantastic work! I love it.
30 March 2016, 11:54
Great job Derek!!! What made you change from NMF to OD? Your NMF looked very nice. Gary
30 March 2016, 12:15
Derek Jordan
Gary, the Alclad pulled up as I tried to mask sections off. I decided that was due to a residue left behind from a tac cloth I had been using.
30 March 2016, 12:58
Derek Jordan
Thanks for the compliments, gents.
30 March 2016, 13:01
Gareth Windsor
I can't believe I missed this. I've bought the same model specifically to try scribing. You've done a great job......again.
3 April 2016, 04:04
Stephan Ryll
Very nice and sharp work 👍 👍
3 April 2016, 07:18

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