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Metal Gear Rex [ Kotobukiya]


8 13 March 2016, 20:55
Ingo F
Cool model. 👍 Did you paint the camo or was it already painted?
14 March 2016, 22:08
Choppa Nutta
Cool model. 👍
14 March 2016, 22:37
Chris Parsons
what he said
14 March 2016, 22:55
Giuseppe _
The whole kit has been painted (even the parts that were already black such as the radome border).

I opted for a gray/gray camo instead of the "canon" gray/greengray camo.
Since this is the "Black Ver." (molded in black and brown plastic instead of gray and white plastic) i downloaded the paint scheme for the "regular" version from 1999.co.jp
15 March 2016, 09:19
Ingo F
Thank you for the info Giuseppe. I got the standard "white" edition in my stash and i still dont know what camo i should use. I have seen a cool looking digital camo on a Metal Gear Rex, but cant finde the pictures anymore.
15 March 2016, 10:53
Giuseppe _
I think that you are referring to this camo: therpf.com/showthread.php?t=172670

On a side note, if you are looking for some unusual camo you may want to consider the desert camo portrayed in one of the early concept arts:

Another alternative may be a woodland camo (like the one used on Abrams tanks)
15 March 2016, 19:02
Ingo F
Yeah, thats it! Thank you for the link.
15 March 2016, 19:34
Heikki Lankinen
Excellent! I really like how you've painted this.
15 March 2016, 22:51
Jeremy O
19 September 2021, 15:26
Nice build of a 😎 subject, well done
19 September 2021, 15:51
Dash Rendar
Great work! Wish Kotobukiya would repop these. 😮
21 September 2021, 04:57


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1:100 Metal Gear REX (Kotobukiya KP305)

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