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Luka Novak (aktarian)

Knock knock


15 21 May 2022, 11:06
Rui S
Taking a seat 😎
21 May 2022, 19:07
Simon Nagorsnik
Nice dio 👍
10 July 2022, 11:40
Villiers de Vos
A great "cat killer"
11 July 2022, 06:20
Zimmerit could save the tank ....... nice dio indeed.
11 July 2022, 08:44
Guy Rump
Great dio, congrats. 👍
11 July 2022, 08:50
Action packed !
7 August 2022, 15:49

Album info

This is my first attempt at both tracked vehicle of this size and a Soviet one. Overall kit is very nice. Pretty straightforward build, not exactly a weekend build but it shouldn't take you too much time. It helps that vehicle itself is pretty simple to begin with, with little in terms of superstructure and stuff on it. Couple of fiddly parts that require more attention but not too much of those either. Simple Tamiya instructions also help. You are given couple of options when building but instructions don't make it clear what the differences mean so it's up to you to do research, though most obvious difference is inclusion of the machine gun. You also get quite a bit of extra pieces since kit shares parts with IS-2 tank, you also get a gun from that kit. It does have some nasty seam lines on fuel tanks, barrel and chassis joints. Fixable but quite a bit of work is required. Tracks are mostly single link pieces with couple of sections already in one piece but you get a rig to create sag on upper part of tracks. Very much appreciated and I will be able to use it on KV kits as well as they have very similar suspension.

I decided for heavier weathering to give it well used look that is a result of longer use. So I used grime and stains around engine and fuel tanks, heavy chipping on the edges, coat of dust on lower parts. Tracks were rusted on the edges and gunmetal pigment was used to give them worn look. Pigments were used for scorch marks at the end of the barrel.

Overall very happy with end result, specially given how many firsts this was for me.

Building is some old Custom Dioramics clock tower. As usual with building I improvised when it comes to painting. A bit of weathering in terms of washes to darken it, washes for wooden parts and grime. I also added roof shingles. Ground work is scratch built with cork for cobblestones and then some rubble, washes and pigments.

I'm very happy with end result even if composition is awkward in that main action, the two German figures, is somewhat obscured by both ISU and building. But that makes sense in terms of how these weapons were used, from cover.

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1:35 JSU-152 (Tamiya 35303)1:35 Panzerjägers (Dragon 6058)

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