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Christian W (christian-w)

1963 Corvette Convertible C2 - wip

I have planed to have a couple of SILVER (Chevrolet) Corvette in my shelf. So I started the Project "My silver Corvette Collection"

The fact, that the C1 was a convertible, I think, I add some convertibles to the collection.
Not the minor project, but a nice addition.


8 15 March, 05:54
Christian W
A curios thing: I know, I took some pictures of the kit, the parts and the phase of gluing 😉 But I don't find the pictures. So I added the current status: the body is primered and wet sanded, the rest of the parts have the base paints and are ready for detail painting.
21 April, 04:56
Nigel Chapman
Go for something different - 920 Fawn Beige GM code WA2815.
Interesting model with that hard top
21 April, 06:29
Christian W
Sweet color! I saw this on a 1962. I'll keep that in mind for (maybe) another 1963/1967 Corvette.
21 April, 07:12
Christian W
Next step: paintjob and clear coat. Silver as usual by airbrush. Then the clear coat with rattle can because my harder went hard in the tin after 2 years of use. Damned. So I had to grab the rattle can. I didn't want to wait for new material.
5 May, 18:56
István Szücs
Cool ride, Christian! The transmission housing is going to be steel (or aluminium), isn't it?
5 May, 19:22
Christian W
Thank you.
Steel or aluminum. I think I'll paint it steal.
The details painting is the next step.
5 May, 20:39
Christian W
The body work is done as well as the work on the interior. Because if the one piece interior it is a little disappointing to get the door panels nicely painted. There is no chance to get the chrome trim on it. So I have to live with it as it is. The C2 is ready for the final assembly.
16 May, 03:55
Dominik Weitzer
well done so far, nice progress
16 May, 06:31
Christian W
I'm done with the 1963 C2 Roadster.
As a good result, I'm astonished, how good this old kit fitted. The only thing I optimized the rear bumpers (cut of all the material which had been inside the body) and replaced the exhaust tips.
19 May, 11:58
István Szücs
Beautiful result! I think, I sholuld have to see with different colored HT (wine red, for example).
19 May, 14:32
Christian W
Absolutely. I'm thinking of a hardtop in this blue metallic like it is shown on the box or simply black.
19 May, 15:57
Really nice build Christian. and the body's paint job; smooooth as glass - beautiful.
19 May, 16:18


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1:25 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Prestige (AMT/ERTL 6874)

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