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Christian W (christian-w)

1989 Pontiac Firebird (red) for a friend - wip

1989 Trans Am;
TBI, red, tan leathered interior with PMD seats, T-Top, fender fents, D80 (black), diamond spokes (black), some parts black on the Body, smoked rear lights, ground effects

To Costumize:
- fender vents
- PMD seats


Christian W
Will be based on this kit: Firebird GTA (MPC/Ertl 6209, 1:25)

1:25 Firebird GTA (MPC/Ertl 6209)
22 April 2020, 05:14
Christian W
Except the fender vents and PMD seat it will be right out of the box.
22 April 2020, 05:26
Christian W
I'm now using Firebird (MPC 1-0733, 1:25)
Because it has it's fender vents already and it was planned to be a red Trans Am years ago.

1:25 Firebird (MPC 1-0733)
13 May 2020, 11:26
Christian W
Dine with the engine and chassis. Next will be fitting the ground effects onto the body
16 January, 18:14
István Szücs
I'm watching! This is the best shape of the Firebird, I think.
16 January, 19:00
Christian W
Thank you. I like this ground effects. They look good. On the other hand, i like the bumpers with that black rubber inserts too. Sadly, this kind of bumper does not exist in any kit. I'm going to build one sometimes. I have to. For myself.
17 January, 06:46
Where did you get the PMD seat on the righthand side of photo 2? It looks nice.
12 February, 14:41
István Szücs
Did you use white primer? It doesn't seen clearly.
12 February, 20:05
Christian W
@Starbase101... The PMD seats are the seats out of a KITT kit by the ERTL group.

@Istvan ... My primer is beige 😉
13 February, 12:46
Christian W
So. The first layer of clear coat is done. Sweet. Have to deliver pictures. My battery went down so see you tomorrow 😉
22 February, 21:15


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