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Cristian Bordina (kurn72)

U.S.S. VOYAGER - 1:677

I've been a trekkie for a long time, I've always want to build one of these huge ship, but dimension always dispirited me.
Now the time has come 😉


4 | 16. May 2020, 08:15
Soeren .
Great work my friend 🙂
How do you like the kit?
16. May 2020, 08:25
Cristian Bordina
Hello Soeren, the kit is a good kit.. easy to build and with much details (dimension permit this 😄). Decals and stencils are more than 200... and also this give to the ship more details. Now I want to try to add "christmas lights" in the inner body... my first experiments with lights 😛
16. May 2020, 08:29
Nice work 👍
16. May 2020, 11:48
Looks good. If you do light it up, Intrepid class has some large windows that can be detailed with Voyager Backlit Windows (Outer Space Outfitters , 1:677)

1:677 Voyager Backlit Windows (Outer Space Outfitters )
16. May 2020, 13:02
Cristian Bordina
Unfortunately the seems out of stock
16. May 2020, 13:15
Yeah, I see that now. Dang!
16. May 2020, 13:39
Permission to come aboard Captain...
16. May 2020, 18:19
Looking nice
16. May 2020, 19:33
Cristian Bordina
Thank you guys ;)
18. May 2020, 07:17
Black Baron
Following. This is on my to build list. Looking good!
18. May 2020, 19:15
Outer Space Outfitters window inserts are available again - I just picked up another set for my second Voyager kit.
9. July 2020, 13:03
Very well done! I must learn how to work with creating background shots like you do. pic#6 is my favorite
9. July 2020, 22:11
I think you did a great job! I especially like the weathering effects.
27. November 2020, 16:58


In progress
1:677 U.S.S. Voyager (Revell 04801)

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