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Chris Vandegrift (Themongoose)

Red Bull

Jane got me this for Christmas. She was looking for something she would like to see me build and was hoping I'd like it. Love it! We searched online together to find a paint scheme and both went nuts over the Red Bull Stearman.


1 | 9. February 2018, 04:03
Gordon Sørensen
Lools good so far! How are you going to do the cowling? Seems like a quite a few Stearmans being built right now, makes me want to break my kit out of the stash..... but I have too many on the bench as is....
28. February 2018, 05:03
Chris Vandegrift
I'm leaving the engine exposed on this one. Unfortunately she didn't get me the covered engine kit so I'm making the best of it and painting the gold just behind the radial in the spirit of the red bull stearman
28. February 2018, 23:38
Gordon Sørensen
The flames look great, Chris! The masking job worked wonders.
6. March 2018, 05:50
great job on those flames!
6. March 2018, 08:14
Chris Vandegrift
Thx! Wish me luck on the wires. I've never rigged a biplane. I did get a lesson at the local club mtg tho.
6. March 2018, 16:05
what will you use for rigging?
6. March 2018, 19:26
Chris Vandegrift
I bought some fine white ez line. It's supposed to be 0.003" thick which would be in scale. I will have to color it for sure but that's the easiest part lol
7. March 2018, 03:00
good luck 🙂
7. March 2018, 06:18


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1:48 Stearman PT-17 (Revell 85-5264)

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