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Thomas Wirsching (Black_Sheep)

Me-163B Komet JG.400; Brandis 1945

This is my interpretation of one of the daring missions to intercept allied bombers at the nearby Leuna hydrogenation plant. These one and only rocket fighter unit was established to protect important immobile strategic objects. The aircraft made a speed record as it was the first manmade aircraft to reach >1000 km/h and were able to reach bombers in 36.000 ft. height in just under four minutes after takeoff and were 300 km faster than anything the allied had at hand at these times. No wonder the crews were exited to be the chosen to be allowed to fly this "Wunderwaffe". Germany´s famous female test pilot also flew it and greatly adored the flight abilities of the Komet. She said exitingly "it felt as you were riding a cannonball". Thats why one of the units emblem was also the famous Baron von Münchhausen who was riding on a cannonball. Nevertheless it was also a risky mission as the T- Stoff (Hydrogenperoxyd) and C-Stoff (Hydrazinehydrate) reacted fiercly when accidently came together during the fuelling process or in a leakage. Therefore the pilots were issued with acidproof protection suits and gloves but some were literally dissolved alive inside their cockpits. The JG 400 was splitted and one group were shifted to the german Island Husum but without fuel were not ably to fly a mission there. The group in Brandis, near the hydrogenation plant had some fuel to the very last day of the war.


Jan Peters
Excellent job all 'round.
19 July 2021, 02:48
I agree with Jan. Und danke für die interessante Info!
19 July 2021, 06:04
nice job (and history)
19 July 2021, 07:21
Thomas Wirsching
Thank you sirs, I am glad you like my efforts ?
19 July 2021, 10:28
Christoph Schnarr
Very nice Komet, Thomas 👍
19 July 2021, 17:53
Rui S
Nice work 👍
25 July 2021, 15:06
Thomas Wirsching
Christoph and Rui thank you for your comment - I am glad you like my work ?
26 July 2021, 10:17
Reik S.
Die ist echt super geworden! Alles Out Of The Box?
30 July 2021, 10:24
Thomas Wirsching
Hallo Reik; schön dass Dir meine Komet gefällt?. Ja im Prinzip ist der Flieger nur aus dem Basisbausatz und dem 3D-Upgradeset gemacht. Nur das Bodenpersonal und der Generator kommt aus einem Tamiya Set. Von den Figuren hab ich nur die Köpfe bischen anders gedreht damit alles besser zusammenpaßt. Die Leiter hab ich aus Evergreen selber gebaut. Der Gaspatch Bausatz ist sehr schön und filigran. Die Masken sind dabei und die Decals sind auch sehr gut zu verarbeiten. Hat sehr Spaß gemacht das Ding zu bauen.
30 July 2021, 18:05
Christian Höltge
Sehr cooles Modell. Vielleicht komme ich auch dazu eins zu bauen. Dies hier dient dann als Inspiration.
17 November 2021, 11:26
Thomas Wirsching
Hallo Christian, Danke Dir 😇 War mein erster Bausatz von Gaspatch und ich war sehr zufrieden mit der Qualität 👌
17 November 2021, 11:50


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