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luis martinez (militiajeep)

m 923 hillbilly gun truck

Awesome gun truck with i.e.d. armor!


Ulf Petersen
Phantastic model, Luis!👍 Should be presented on a base, IMHO.
13 October 2016, 05:55
luis martinez
Hey Ulf!I thought the same, but the guy who asked for it didnt wanted a base, so I delivered as is. Thank you for your comment!
13 October 2016, 14:15
Rui S
Nice model and heavy weathering job, Luis, Congratulations 👍
13 October 2016, 16:19
luis martinez
Hi Rui! Thank you so much! I really enjoy giving hard weathering on the models, i like the idea of pushing those militar machines to their edge. Still learning, but a lot of enjoying. thanks mate!
14 October 2016, 14:40
Rui S
That's what they where made for, hehehe 😄
Well done mate.
14 October 2016, 14:44
luis martinez
Hi James! thank you so much! The fit was ok, the only thing I found difficult was the exhaust, because didnt want to fit, and one inaccuracy I found, was the support for the spare tire, which almost cover the diesel intake; i searched online and i saw these real trucks and they have the diesel intake unobstructed. Im not as skilled as a lot of mates here, so i decided to let that part as is. Still, this was a very fun kit to build. cheers!!!
14 October 2016, 14:46
luis martinez
Thank you James! I really appreciate your comments!
14 October 2016, 23:52
Philippe Bouq'
Awesome weathering!
Luis, you wrote "A fun kit to build"
Is the truck easy to build for a rookie?
6 January 2017, 22:17
Kevin Taylor
Excellent work! Great weathering. Looks like a major build. fun 🙂
7 January 2017, 03:10
Anthony Flanagan
Love the work and the "come get some!" pose.
7 January 2017, 08:10
luis martinez
Hey Philippe! yeah for a rookie is a good model!... definitely! cheers
7 January 2017, 23:20
luis martinez
thank you Kevin and Anthony! looking forward to do more!
7 January 2017, 23:21
Norbert Steffens
Hi Luis,
great build. But why are have your figures this glossy finish?
8 January 2017, 03:51
Kevin Taylor
I find that when I take photos of my dioramas, the figures clothing often displays a shine that isn't really visible in real life. Many times, I really notice it when I've used oils. A couple of light coats of Matt varnish helps, but again sometimes not noticeable unless you snap a pic. Also, remember that helmets will have a sheen as they are metal. I always use Matt varnish over the decals, so a light coat on fabrics helps. I have noticed that in my galleries, many of my figures have a sheen, but too lazy to go back and Matt them.😉 Keep up the great work Luis!
8 January 2017, 13:11
Philippe Bouq'
Thanks for your answer Luis. so, I'll build it!😉
8 January 2017, 21:48
Norbert Steffens
Hi Kevin,
thanks for the answer. I will have an eye on this with my figures....
9 January 2017, 05:10
luis martinez
Hey Norbert, Yes, Kevin is right, sometimes just the light makes some parts to be glossy. Anyway, using the coat varnish is a good idea. Will try to use it on those cases. Thanks Kevin and Norbert!
9 January 2017, 16:55
luis martinez
Hey Philippe, have fun with it! :-D
9 January 2017, 16:55


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