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Thomas Bischoff (kruzikrucken)

Fieseler Fi 156C-3

To be built as Swiss A-98 in post war camouflage. This Storch crash landed in the swiss mountains om 20.07.1948.
I skipped the original intention to build A-97 - one of the two Storch used for the rescue from the Gauli Gletscher in 1947.


1 | 1. June 2014, 20:40
Thomas Bischoff
Unpacked, cleaned and first coats of paint applied
1. June 2014, 20:43
Thomas Bischoff
I have added some pictures of the Storch which is preserved and displayed in the Swiss Air Force Museum in Dübendorf.
9. June 2014, 19:49
Christian Ristits
Wow...love The Instrument panel...!!!
9. June 2014, 19:58
Gordon Sørensen
Fantastic detail Thomas!
9. June 2014, 22:14
Thomas Bischoff
Thank you! The praise should go to Tamiya as I only added the seat belts (incidentally my first home made seat belts). I cut out the instruments using a sharp hobby knife from decal sheet before applying them.
10. June 2014, 17:33
Thomas Bischoff
I am slowly progressing with my Storch. It has nothing to do with the quality of the kit but with me being able to get glue on my fingers and down to the surface. And yes, I almost forgot to add the exhausts.
I decided to build it with closed doors as you park the aircraft usually with closed doors.
19. June 2014, 20:38
Albi Hitz
Powhhhh !!!! I like it a lot! Got both of the kits in my stash.
Im watching with great intrest ....

(Gsed also supper us bis jetzt! Bin gspannt uf de rescht)
19. June 2014, 20:50
M.Julian Marles
Looks like some neat schemes they offer there!
19. June 2014, 22:59
Thomas Bischoff
Thank you all for your supporting comments! I made good progress until ....
my trust in Tamiya's research failed. I sincerely thought the "Gauli-glacier" Storch A-97 could be built straight from the box but when I checked the pictures (now: just before finishing the paintjob!) I found out:
1) the three scoops on the cowling have to go - easy
2) the ailerons under the elevator are not present for A-97 (and also not for A-98) - easy
3) A-97 has twin oil coolers (I think they are oil coolers) - this changes the cowling bottom (see picture from the real plane in the museum) - it's a killer
4) the Kora skis can not be used as they represent later style skis
5) there is no search light under the left wing
so A-97 is gone - but I have a very nice substitute in mind. A-98 at the time of it's crash landing in the mountains. A picture is in the book "Gebrochene Flügel".
10. July 2014, 18:26
Es-haq Khosravi
Great job!
10. July 2014, 21:17
Thomas Bischoff
Finished - this is how A-98 looked on it's last flight on 20th July 1948 - except for one error on my side (Tamiya got it right!): the original was equipped with the tail skid and not the tail wheel.
19. August 2014, 20:55
29. August 2014, 02:17
Christian Keller
Hallo Thomas, schöner Storch , hast du die Gurte mit Bleifolie gemacht? Die sehen nämlich echt gut aus. 🙂
Hi Thomas, nice stork, you made the straps with lead foil? They are really looking good 🙂
29. August 2014, 04:29
Calvin Gifford
Great work!
29. August 2014, 06:13
Thomas Bischoff
Christian: yes - it's kind of lead foil, taken from wine bottles. Ab und zu gibt's noch Weinflaschen mit Bleieinfassung!
29. August 2014, 16:10
Christian Ristits
Congratulation Thomas - excellent build!
29. August 2014, 17:08
Fantastic Job 👍 👍
29. August 2014, 17:13


1:48 Fieseler Fi156C Storch (Tamiya 25158)1:48 Fieseler Fi 156 Storch (includes swiss style Skis) (Kora Models DEC4805)

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