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Kos Bar (kwstasb)




1:48 EA-6B (Kinetic K48044)1:48 EA-6B seatbelts (Kinetic K5007)1:48 USA Navy &Marines Grumman EA-6B Prowler VMAO-1, VAQ-209 (Microscale AC48-0027)1+


22. July 2016, 09:30
Lex Jassies
My compliments. Very nice rendering. A good example for me of how my Kinetic/Italeri can turn out (I hope)
22. July 2016, 11:45
Kos Bar
thank you Lex! It was a tough build but the end result is rewarding I' ll be waiting to see your Prowler!
22. July 2016, 16:28
Lex Jassies
Well, you have to be a litlle patient then. This moment I'm occupied with a other project (M4 high speedtractor with Long Tom gun).
22. July 2016, 18:37
Christian Ristits
Very nice, how was the kit?
22. July 2016, 19:52
Nice work
23. July 2016, 01:34
Kos Bar
Thank you Christian and John! The kit was difficult to assemble abd I had to be very careful while gluing the fuselage halves together. A weight is also necessary as a ballast in the front or you will have a tailsitter! The instructions of the "new wing" version are really confusing and it takes a lot of "decryption" to find which piece goes where. In general, the kit is demanding in terms of work but when finished its a real beauty to gaze upon!
23. July 2016, 14:19
Christian Ristits
Thank you Kostas for information! My latest a-6 from hb was difficult as well, but at the end it was worth all the pain...again, a very cool Prowler!
23. July 2016, 14:29

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