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Jan Voorbij (cupofwondering)

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Name:Jan Voorbij
Country:NL Netherlands
Member since:September 16, 2013
About me:
Hi folks,
Found this board a week ago and after spending some evening time here where the paint was drying 😄 I decided to give it a go. I,m Jan from Holland and use Cupofwondering as my handle, since I´ve been a die hard Jethro Tull fan since 1968 and built a website dedicated to their lyrics:
I started modelling as a kid in 1965 (!). Everytime I managed to save 1 guilder and 45 cts back then, I got of to the toy shop to buy me a new Airfix baggie (the kits were in plastic bags at the time, as you all know). Then after a few years I stopped to pick it all up again when I hit 30 and specialised in WWII aircraft. I particularly liked to build Luftwaffe airplanes because of the variety of types and subtypes, the multitude of camouflageschemes, varying for each front and season. I was particularly fond of doing extensive research before the building itself, which sometimes was quite an ordeal in the pre-internet days and tried to make it all as historical correct as possible. Then my kids came and I had to give it all up for my hobby room was needed for one of them. Now that they have all grown up and left the house the is room voor daddy and his hobby again. Hurray! 58 years and still a boy!!

I started again in October 2010 with some small kits to see if I still could do this modelling thing. From the contributions here I get the idea that I´m probably the last modeller on earth that still paints his kits with the brush instead of the sophisticated airbrush...., so my kits can´t match the beauties I´ve seen here so far.

I really look forward to reading your contributions, to share information and ideas.


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Homepage:Jethro Tull - The Annotated Lyrics Resource

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