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Bernhard Schrock (Yellowwing)

Caramel Crash (BP-Cup 1946) completed

Upgraded specially for UK Nationals 1946 (BP-Cup) the griffon powered Caramel Crash #44 (formerly a Spitfire Mk. XIV ZT198 ) were sponsored by Cadbury and piloted by Sir Sirius A. Moose-Ment. The airplane won the final race in Telford and reached 445,52 mph (717 km/h).


Roland Sachsenhofer
Great subject- executed with virtuoso skills for sure! I am looking forward to this!
31 May 2018, 13:45
Bernhard Schrock
Thank you Roland. At least 50% of the praise go to David Funke for helping me design the artwork and printing this immaculate decals.
31 May 2018, 14:18
David Funke
Bin gespannt!
31 May 2018, 15:58
Hans Haag
Bin schon gespannt auf den flitzer!
31 May 2018, 16:50
Hanno Kleinecke
Another creative outbreak on your bench ! A shame that Cadbury's and Hershey's choc racplanes could only be flown under refrigerated conditions to aviod meltdown... 🙂 Rumours say that Hershey's pilot John D.( Doe)Nut could'nt be stopped from nibbling on the cockpit interior.... 😄
9 June 2018, 13:32
I'm speechless again, just shown ingeniously how it should be 👍 👍 👍
9 June 2018, 17:01
Björn Svedberg
Another racer, I love it! 👍 Following.
10 June 2018, 09:42
Bernhard Schrock
At home I have at least 200 Humbrol tins. At least ten of those are reds and ten of those are deep blues not to mention two or three purple. Despite of this I experimented two hours or more with different bases and combination to match the violet of the decals (THX David for printing of the wonderful decals!).
Crimson (H20) in combination with Baltic Sea blue (metallic, H52) and a little bit of white finally resulted in matching the hue.
10 June 2018, 18:05
David Funke
Great result!
10 June 2018, 18:16
Hanno Kleinecke
Looking great, two hours well invested !
10 June 2018, 18:17
Björn Svedberg
It looks faster already! 😉
10 June 2018, 18:42
Hans Haag
Excelent color match
10 June 2018, 18:47
Bernhard Schrock
Thank you Mates. Indeed the most time consuming task (painting) is done.
Hanno: Sadly, the unusual tastiness of the entire aircraft caused the complete vanishing of the project into -literally- nothing. So it is all just a sweet dream... 🙂
10 June 2018, 19:12
Hanno Kleinecke
Yeah, yeah, sad, but unavoidably true..... but, on the other hand: the first ever recorded successful complete recycling of an entire aircraft in history ((((😄)))
10 June 2018, 19:52
Wow Bernhard, what a beauty! And so carefully built and painted 👍
13 June 2018, 16:55
Stefan Fraundorfer
A very nice racer. I'm looking forward to see the finished Spitfire.
13 June 2018, 17:08
Hans Haag
Looks great so far Bernhard! Standard or contrapropps ?
13 June 2018, 17:27
Siegfried Mühlnikel
Hi Bernhard, I like your modelling beside the main stream. And perfectly done as well.
18 June 2018, 05:44
Hanno Kleinecke
The worlds fastest chocolatebar ! Looking awesome, keep a close look at Sir Sirius, don't let him take a bite.....
18 June 2018, 06:53
Björn Svedberg
That is a beautiful bird! 👍 👍
18 June 2018, 09:34
Hans Haag
A new Lady on the floor, Excelent work Bernhard!
18 June 2018, 10:19
Bart Goesaert
splendid work...
18 June 2018, 11:11
Bernhard Schrock
Gentlemen: thank you very much. You have a Race🙂
"Beside the mainstream": exactly because I think one more Mk XIV in grey/green would look just like all the other 36 already built...
18 June 2018, 12:21
Bart Goesaert
One can do a NMF... is the size difference that obvious with regards to spits from other manufacturers?
18 June 2018, 12:50
David Funke
Well done, Sir!
18 June 2018, 16:01
Patrick Hagelstein
No matter what you build Bernhard, I just love your craftmanship and attention to detail!
18 June 2018, 18:43
Bernhard Schrock
THX David and THX Patrick.
19 June 2018, 19:43
Bernhard Schrock
Bart: I'm not sure if I can answer you question. I only know one kit (Academy).
19 June 2018, 19:45
Not your everyday Spitfire - very cool paint scheme.
Wanted to bump it for all to enjoy.
1 April, 00:28
A Spitfire delight...
1 April, 05:01
Michael Kohl
Now that is a cool looking bird.
1 April, 06:15
Roland Soderstrom
Stunning, what a feast for my eyes.
1 April, 06:27
Cadbury milk chocolate ......... mmmmmmmmm ..... a feast for the tummy ...... (very nice build btw!)
1 April, 07:56
Steve Desarzens
Wow it looks awesome 🤩
1 April, 08:32
Tini Hendriks
How gorgeous! Very fine paintwork!
1 April, 10:41


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1:48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XIVc (Academy 12274)

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