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JOHN THOMAS (king57)

B-17 Memphis Belle

Flying B-17 Memphis Belle that stared in the 1993 Movie



16. August 2014, 18:10
Saturday August 16, 2014 the Memphis Belle a restored B-17 came to Allegheny County Airport outside of Pittsburgh PA. This Aircraft is not the actual Memphis Belle. this B-17 was used in the 1993 movie "the Memphis Belle". For $450 dollars US you could take a 30 min. flight in the Memphis Belle. The Belle was taking up to 10 person at a time and it was full each Flight. If I had $450 dollars I would have gone. I live close to the County Airport and I can see and hear the Memphis Belle flying around.
16. August 2014, 18:33
Holger Kranich
Oh John, thank you so much for sharing these pictures with us!
I think the "Belle" was the reason for my "Pin Up" and "Nose Art" fascination! ;)
Since i build the 1:72 Revell kit (the old one) I had this fascination and it was a pleasure for me to put the decal on... :D
16. August 2014, 19:30
Just added some interior photos of the Memphis belle.
16. August 2014, 19:35
Hey Holger, thanks. I also built the old Revell kit back in the day. I need to build a better one some day. I also love good Nose Art. On Saturday for a $10 dollar donation you could take a tour of the interior of the Memphis Belle before it went flying. My batteries run out so many of the interior photos I took did not turn out.
16. August 2014, 19:46
Logan Eden
This ride is off my Bucket List, and I must say, what a great life experience. The sound, smell, and even the vibration of the take off was a memory for ever. My thoughts went to those before me that took the same ride in the early '40's and the poor souls on the ground. The flight that I had was in Sentimental Journey a B-17 G that was in Canada on tour. Great fun but also rightly named "sentimental journey". Catch Ya, Logan
16. August 2014, 20:12
Thanks Logan.
17. August 2014, 02:59
Hunter Cummins
I have an academy one I won for free at our local hobby show :)
Looks like an awesome kit my man, if I can get the new humbrol metal spray cans, I might to tye metal finish. But if not..... well, back to the old OD sadly
24. August 2014, 12:26
Phil Marchese
Its making the Mid-Atlantic circuit so if your in the region check your papers...probably a web schedule somewhere.
24. August 2014, 14:00
Hugo Oliveira
One day I would like to build this B-17. If I´m not wrong Portugese AF also had quite a few B-17´s at it´s service t´ill the sixties.
15. November 2016, 11:06
Nice pics John!! Thanks Gary
15. November 2016, 12:48
Derek Huggett
Was that B-17G-85-DL N3703G? It was one of 2 US based Forts used in the film, together with 2 from France and our UK based flying USAAF Memorial 'Sally B' (hard to believe there was only 5 flying B-17s to make the whole film!). The French used up to 13 B-17Gs and a B-17F for photographic and geophysical survey work by the Institut Geographique National, based at Creil/Senlis between 1947 to 1989. 'Sally B' was once one of these aircraft. (Please visit B-17 Preservation Ltd at for more information - sorry, I have been a member of the 'Sally B' Supporters club for well over 30 years now!) :)
15. November 2016, 12:56
Thanks everyone
15. November 2016, 13:33
Greg Baker
This will come in handy. I just stumbled across an Academy Memphis Belle B-17 kit and picked it up for a real good price. This is why I always check your wall, John!
19. November 2016, 13:52
Gerald Willing
thanks for sharing John
19. November 2016, 20:45
Thanks Gerald and Greg, I am so glad You enjoyed them. I also have some photos of the only flying B-29 FI-FI which came to Pittsburgh for a visit this summer. I will post them up soon
20. November 2016, 14:07
Marcel Klemmer
Thank you for the picutures.
20. November 2016, 15:00

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