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Vittorio Gentili (rebeccagin)

ZiS-6 Under Wehrmacht Service


19 November 2014, 09:47
Matthias Weiss
I like this build, it´s tiny but very nicely done!
23 January 2015, 06:06
Matthias Weiss
Oh and where did you get this silver stuff from you´re using for tree?
23 January 2015, 06:07
Vittorio Gentili
Hi Matthias, thanks.
That silver stuff is simply steel wool from my kitchen and added to metal wire.
23 January 2015, 06:43
Matthias Weiss
Wow that's a great idea, I need to try this!
23 January 2015, 10:16
Vittorio Gentili
Till now, looks good, this is only the skelethon of the tree. As I finished I will paint it then add foliage and paint again.
23 January 2015, 12:18


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1:72 ZiS-6 (PST 72019)1:72 10.5cm leichte Feldhaubitze 18 le.F.H.18/18M (ACE 72216)1:72 German 105mm barrel for LeFH 18 & "Wespe" (Aber 72L55)

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