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Kari Saarni (ksaarni)

Folland Gnat F.1 - Special Hobby

What a nice small kit!
Have been waiting for a long time for an affordable one-seater Gnat and I was very happy when Special Hobby announced they would come with one.

And here she is, after some months of building, finally done, straight from the factory...


2 January 2016, 18:48
Mike Grant
Very nice Kari 👍 How was the kit?
2 January 2016, 19:54
Bernd Korte
Nice one!
2 January 2016, 20:35
Bill Davis
That's a nice Gnat. I am fond of the Finnish air force.
2 January 2016, 21:14
Kari Saarni
Thanks guys!

@Mike: It is an excellent kit, fit is very good, nice and crispy details and then I like the plastic of the sprues (not too hard, not too soft, but just perfect). Keen to buy one more and make that a rec-version (the nose cone for the rec-version included in the sprues, though uncredited... still)
3 January 2016, 09:49
Stefan Schacht
very nice!
3 January 2016, 09:57
Kari Saarni
Thanks Stefan!
3 January 2016, 10:07
Very good work!
3 January 2016, 19:10
Kari Saarni
Thank you Ekki !
3 January 2016, 19:20
Łukasz Gliński
Very nice Gnat
3 January 2016, 19:47
Kari Saarni
Thanks Łukasz !
3 January 2016, 20:17
Ray Seppala
Lovely build Kari 👍 I think I need one of these for my Finnish collection 😄
4 January 2016, 03:06
Mike Grant
Thanks for the mini-review, Kari. I'll be adding this to my stash 🙂
4 January 2016, 04:39
Kari Saarni
Thanks Ray!

And yes Mike & Ray, you should, I recommend the kit warmly !
4 January 2016, 16:28
Very nice!
5 January 2016, 14:42
Kari Saarni
Thanks/Kiitos Jani !
6 January 2016, 14:04

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