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Eric Duval (Etric)

The major George Preddy Cripes a mighty 3 P-51 D-5- NA

Hello everyone,

I ll show you my new project step by step. I would make the P-51 D-5-NA Cripes A Mighty 3. The kit is the wonderful Tamiya 1/32 and I did some shopping (something I did not until now because I contented myself with the original box) with Barracuda Studio. I had no problem to put the differents pieces in the Tamiya kit. It is a real pleasure.
I hope you enjoy it.

Best regards, Eric from France


2. January 2014, 08:38
Es-haq Khosravi
Great job!
2. January 2014, 08:48
Roland Roth
Hey, Eric! A stunning paint job so far - and the after-detailing of the engine looks great! 👍
2. January 2014, 11:10
Steve Wilson
2. January 2014, 12:18
Eric Duval
Thank you very muh men

Best regards, Eric
3. January 2014, 17:08
Hunter Cummins
Im in
23. February 2014, 21:13
Martyn Fox
Looking like a great build to date.Keeping tuned.
23. February 2014, 22:01
John Thomas
Very nice work
24. February 2014, 13:07
Eric Duval
Thank you very much guys
20. April 2014, 15:45
Martyn Fox
Very impressive build,superbly finished.
26. April 2014, 11:41
Alan Rush
Excellent! I am just finishing my first aircraft since I was a kid in 1/72 and looking at your photos certainly gives me an idea of what to aim for. Great step-by-step series and the finished work looks great.
26. April 2014, 16:33
Alexander Perov
nicely done only don't understand why they removed rivets
27. April 2014, 14:04
David Lengyel
Awesome build mate. I love the paint job, details, all top notch. Congratulations!
27. April 2014, 14:16
Eric Duval
Thank you so much men. Best regards, Eric from France
27. April 2014, 20:51
3. May 2014, 00:59
Eric Duval
Thank you Clifford
3. May 2014, 13:05
ahmad hekmati
It's complete kit.......
26. July 2014, 07:32


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