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Pascal GARAT (pg265)

Bugatti Type 35C, Louis Chiron 1930. MFH 1/20.


16 | 27. February, 23:13
Excellent work so far!
I'll follow this build as this is one of my favourite cars - and this looks like a pretty spectacular kit.
1. March, 16:23
Pascal GARAT

Thank you😉
@John: I use Blacken'it or any other burnishing product.
Uschi VDR and Master for example are Aldo providing some.
1. March, 17:57
Pascal GARAT
Still progressing on the Bugatti.
26. March, 20:14
That really is stunning.
I suspect that no one else has commented on your build because of the 'teaser photo'. If you changed it to something better, more people would notice this beauty.
27. March, 05:57
Pascal GARAT
Thank you gorbygould😉
27. March, 07:20
Pascal GARAT

Soon the end.
6. April, 20:28
Stunning work Pascal.
This is one of the best models I've seen on Scalemates this year, so I confused why it isn't getting more comments.
7. April, 10:42
Martin Oostrom
Change the teaser to the fourth from last, with the sol/set bottles and the sides of the cowlings. That'll attract some people to this stunning build 👍
7. April, 11:02
Pascal GARAT
Good evening,

Thank you very much Mates!

Well, I will change the 1st pic, again
Maybe too much pics (...!!) for a WIP🙄
That was almost the same for the other builds/albums...

Thanks for following the build!!😉

Well, the buckles, the straps, the exhaust ... In short, what remained to be done is done!
The numbers and letters of the registration have been cut individually for a better rendering without any apparent carrier film.

Basically, the Belle de Molsheim is finished.

Maybe I'll spray a little dark smoky in some places ... and take more photos tomorrow.
7. April, 19:09
Martin Oostrom
There are never too many WIP pictures. It's mostly about an eye catching teaser and a couple of people keeping the post alive. Which we are doing now ;)
7. April, 19:27
7. April, 19:43


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