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Dragon 6383


Fabian D.
great model and great pics... seems like the box works quite well... I´ve considered building one myself, but I was (due lac of storage space) looking for a foldable version... seems like an nice enigneering callenge for me😉
13. January 2014, 15:26
james johnson
The best thing about the light box was that it made the photoshopping out the background clutter a helluva allot easier. I used 60 watt bulbs and two layers of paper filters........I may need to tweak this. The primary expense was the balsa wood slats that the parchment paper mounts on.
13. January 2014, 15:29
Martyn Fox
Excellent model James. Love the camouflage job on it. I've built a few Tigers over the years and although most have been good kits,I feel I have never quite got the paint finish to my satisfaction.
13. January 2014, 16:15
james johnson
Thanks Martyn!
Using oils gives you a little wiggle room on the camo. The oils tend to soften a hard edge and harden a soft edge.....also you can cover up any minor airbrushing mistakes....
13. January 2014, 16:17
Martyn Fox
I've always used acrylics but used oils for the washs/filters etc.Do you use oils exclusively and if so which brands ?
13. January 2014, 16:23
james johnson
I do the base coats with acrylics; also highlighting....then typical enamel filtering and pin washing....Then oil dots for blending camo and adding richness to monochromatic surfaces. I have some AK Interactive oils but don't really see any difference between them and the artists' oils that are typically on sale at my local art shop.
13. January 2014, 16:26
Albi Hitz
It looks really "real" ... very nice paint job ... and i like the rain marks !!!
Awesome Tiger .... A real beast!

jig2: I think these two parts are some kind of a template for the Magic Tracks (rear and front) ...
13. January 2014, 16:27
james johnson
@ Albi, Thanks for the modeling luv!
That jig, my first thought was that it was for the magic tracks, and I hope that it is! I'll have to check it out again, but it seemed to fit the bend for the cables better. I'll check again tonight.....
13. January 2014, 16:29
Martyn Fox
Thanks James. I might have to have another go at building my ultimate Tiger🙂
13. January 2014, 16:30
james johnson
Looking forward to that Martyn!
13. January 2014, 16:30
Jose Miguel Rodriguez
13. January 2014, 20:20
james johnson
Thank you for you kind comment Jose!
And Albi, the more I think about the jig and the more I look at it; the more I think that you are correct.
For one, the tracks on this model are Dragon?s version of rubber band tracks. What do they call them? DL tracks or something like that. As such, the jig would be indicated as ?not for use? in the instructions. Makes sense.
There is another photo in the album showing the jigs next to the wheels??the rear one look a bit off; no sag, but that is really nothing.
I wonder why none of the reviews mention these jigs? That one for forming the photo etch handles and things will certainly come into play in subsequent German AFV?s.
That is odd that there is no mention of it. Makes me wonder.
14. January 2014, 04:12
Kevin Foureman
Really nice build!!!
14. January 2014, 12:45
Hunter Cummins
James the jigs are from the 6253 kit and 6252 kits lol because they have magic tracks. This kit is based off of 6253 and is the same but it doesnt jave all thegoodies like 6253 jas lol

And another superb model andim learning oil paints now 🙂 any tips on usimg them??
How doyou make the streakingeffect like you did ??
15. January 2014, 02:56
Clifford Keesler
Nice build.
15. January 2014, 03:10
Hunter Cummins
What do you use for your base coat??
15. January 2014, 03:30
George Bacon
Great job! 👍 👍 👍
15. January 2014, 12:51
james johnson
Thanks George, Clifford and Hunter???
I found the reference you make to Dragon 6253 Hunter and the jig for the tracks is mentioned (http://www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/reviews/vehicles/dragon/dr6253.htm)
Thanks???It?s still odd that no mention of this or the other jig in reviews of this kit??.I have my suspicions??..
Anyway??The base coat was AK Interactive Dunkel Gelb modulation set (acrylics)??..
After the camo was applied the primary painting medium was oils, Alclad Dull Coat lacquer and enamels??..since this was the case, I decided to use Vallejo acrylics with drying retarder to do the streaking??I believe the streaks on the storage bin are ?Iraqi Sand????.
The oils are very forgiving Hunter, just Google ?oil dot modeling? or something like that and all kinds of videos and stuff should pop up???.other than adding a bit more chromatic richness to otherwise plain surfaces, they are used much like any other painting technique??say figure painting, where recessed areas get darker shades and raised areas get lighter shades???and I tell you what, that buff oil paint really worked out well for old fashioned dry brushing!
15. January 2014, 13:28
Hunter Cummins
Thanks so much WF 🙂 I will try your streaking ways and I thank you verymuch for all of the help 🙂
16. January 2014, 19:51
Holger Kranich
James, great Tiger I! 👍
I dont know how i could miss this wonderful build! I like the chipping on the turret roof! Well done!
11. November 2014, 14:32
Es-haq Khosravi
Great job!
11. November 2014, 15:02
Gábor Bélik
Fantastic job!!
11. November 2014, 16:10
11. November 2014, 17:35


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